America from the "heart"...

The Challenge: In 200 words, describe why you are proud to be an American, and put some emotion into it. Whether or not you feel that emotion.

Okay. do I feel about America?

This is a toughy.

On the one hand, I live here, and it's beautiful. But on the other hand, I feel that our president is going to destroy everything that America is built on.

I guess America is considered a free land. Then again, aren't most countries considered free? In England you have plenty of freedom!

Right now it seems like the only reason to come to America is because we have more money, and we have nicer buildings and cities then most countries. But then, we spend all that money and put ourselves in debt. Trillions of dollars in debt. We keep importing, but we rarely export. Which means we are making less money than we are spending. But sure, we're a rich country and we have plenty of hospitals.

What about the education system? Well, we have nice schools. But we spend too much money on public schools, and we hardly try to teach any kind of religion in our schools. Weren't we built on a Christian foundation?

Basically America is a fine country, but if you lived in Canada or England, I'd be shocked if you could tell the difference.

The End

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