Use all of the following in a poem...

The Challenge: Use all of the following phrases in a poem: a culture of solitude, faithful blue sky, where we still discover

There was once a young kid who came into school,

and as he entered he began to,

wonder about the girl who was standing right there,

she looked kind of pretty and she looked like a,

wonderful happy, and faithful blue sky,

and when he saw her he wanted to,

laugh at the beautiful necklace she wore,

because with it on she looked like a,

angel with long and beautiful hairs,

and he wanted to tell her all about the nice,

culture of solitude that he hates,

and when school is over they should go on some,

bike rides that will last all the night,

and when it is over they still will not,

kiss because kissing is gross,

but of course, if you want to, we will still come,

together to get married one of these days,

and we still will discover many ways.

Wait I just rhymed, I ruined the poem.

So now I will stop and go name my kid Floem.

The End

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