Fictionalizing a true event...

The Challenge: In 300 words, fictionalize a true event that happened to a family member of yours.

My dad had his phone to his ear, chatting with his brother, when suddenly another call came in.

My dad glanced at his phone to see that Mandy was calling him. Mandy was this girl he counseled. She was crazy! She ALWAYS called him and hardly ever left him alone. He sighed deeply. "One second," he said as he switched over.

"Hello this is Jerry," he said, masking his annoyance.

"Hey Jerry," she said, sounding very distressed.

"One second," he said as he pressed a button. Believing he had switched over to the other line, he said, "Sorry Jimbo, there's a moron on the other line I need to talk to."

"Jerry!" the voice yelled angrily. "I am NOT a moron!"

Then he realized his blunder. He hadn't switched over to the other line, he was still talking to Mandy! He lied, "I was just kidding! Just kidding!"

"I'm going to kill you! KILL YOU!"

The line went dead. My dad rolled his eyes and flipped over to the other line. "Sorry Jimbo, I had to talk to this moron."

"I heard that!" the woman's voice said.

My dad jumped, and his phone fell out of his hand. The voice came from BEHIND him! He turned his head to see that SHE was in the car! She put a pistol to his head. "Pull over!" she shrieked.

As she tightened her finger around the trigger, my dad got an idea. He grabbed onto the lever that adjusts your seat, and pulled it. He then pushed off of the gas as hard as he could. The seat slid back into her, crushing her bones. He proceeded to slide back into a normal position. He picked up the phone and said, "Sorry Jimbo, there was this moron that I had to kill."

The End

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