Write a story with these words...

The Challenge: Write a story with the words hypocrite, cookie jar, city, and telephone. You must write this in 25 minutes, no more.

The man walked through the front door of the diner and straight into a seat at the bar. The woman at the counter dashed over to him and greeted him, asking him what he wanted to drink. The man ordered two cups o' beer, claiming his friend would be coming in soon. The woman nodded and headed for the counter behind her to get a bottle.

Suddenly, the door swung open again. Another man walked in and sat down at a table. He winked at the man sitting at the table, and then waited for a waiter.

The woman returned with a bottle of beer. She poured it into two cups and then slid them over to the man at the bar. She batted her eyelashes at him, and he returned the gesture with kissy faces.

The door opened yet again, this time a man carrying a violin case walked in. He sat down with the man at the table and began to speak with him.

The man at the bar looked over at the cookie jar, that rested at the end of the bar. He motioned at it with his head. The woman smiled and took one out. She handed him the cookie, giving him a flirty smile. He took a bite out of it. As the chocolate entered his mouth, he smiled back at her.

"You don't look like you're from here. You new to the city?" she asked curiously, still batting her eyelashes.

"Yes, actually I am. In fact it's a funny story, I was driving home to San Diego where I live, and I crashed into a telephone pole not too far from here." As he said this, she leaned towards him pretending to be interested.

One of the men at the table stood up and walked over to the bar, he leaned against the end of the table, still holding his violin case.

The woman leaned even further puckering up her lips. As the man leaned forward also, the man opened up his violin case. Inside was a large sub-machine gun. He flipped it out and fired into the roof. "EVERYONE GET DOWN ON THE GROUND!" he yelled.

Everyone in the diner got down on their knees silently, without another word. The woman at the counter quickly pressed a button under the counter, which alerted the police of the situation.

The police were there almost instantly, which would be expected considering the police station was only five minutes away.

The policeman broke down the door and grabbed ahold of the man with the machine gun. As they dragged him away, everyone seemed to calm down.

All of a sudden, the man at the bar flipped out a pistol. He shot the policeman who was holding his friend quickly, then spun around and shot another policeman who was entering from the otherside.

Another policeman came up behind the man, but the man sitting at the table pulled out a shotgun and shot him from behind.

The three men grabbed the cash register and then darted outside. One of the men winked at the woman who he had flirted with earlier, right before he darted out into his car.

The three men crowded in and drove away.

"I thought you told me not to shoot anyone you hypocrites!" one of the men said to the other.

"Well we didn't know so many cops would show up!" the other yelled angrily.

As the two angrily bantered, the driver rolled down his window and fired back at the policeman tailing them.

They drove sixty miles towards San Diego, before finally being caught in a road block on the highway.

Meanwhile, back at the diner, the woman smiled. She walked into the backroom, where the real money was. She stuffed them into a bag, which she put into her purse. She left the diner, and the cops never saw her.

Just as we planned, she thought as she got into her car. She knew she had lied to the men, telling them she'd break them out of prison. But they were fools for believing her anyway.

The End

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