Paper Shredder

The Challenge: Write from the perspective of a paper that is about to be dropped in the paper shredder. Use no more than 200 words.

I was sitting on the desk, chuckling. My arch nemesis, last week's bulletin, was just tossed onto the counter next to the shredder. I was practically shivering in anticipation. But then, the man who had set him there, walked away.

Oh! And I'm this week's bulletin.

Suddenly, the man came back and picked up my nemesis. I grinned widely as the man dropped my nemesis into the shredder. I watched as he was cut to tiny paper shreds. I smiled. Maybe when he's recycled he'll come back as someone a lot nicer. Oh, and I'm not a Buddhist. I don't believe in that reincarnation stuff. But we papers do come back, and sometimes we don't come back the same, since we are usually given different parts.

All of a sudden, the man came towards me! I tried to widen my eyes. He picked me up and carried me towards the paper shredder. He was making a mistake! He was just about to drop me to my death, when he saw my date. He returned me to my previous place on the desk. I sighed a long sigh, and all of my friends laid on me. That's how we show affection.

The End

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