The Torn Page

"The map is torn how do we get out of here," I yelled. As the bullets were whizzing by my head. all the other soldiers were dead, it was just me SSgt. Lockett and Lt. Rincon. I got up and saw  Lt. Rincon take a bullet to the leg and fall. As he yelled I was already running toward him. I slid to his side and checked to see if he had any other wounds he was clean, I bandaged his leg. A RPG hit a broken down car next to me and the explosion made me smash into the side of a wall I slowly got back up feeling dizzy I dragged Lt. Rincon into a Afgan market and made sure he wasn't hurt. I looked out the window and I saw the front of a dragunov stick out of a window and shoot it seemed like it was all slow motion from there a the bullet slammed into the wall and made a huge hole in it. Me and Lt. Rincon were stuck in the market and we didn't have any backup the whole city was in ruins. Lt. told me that he thinks that we were the only ones left in all of Afghanistan, when I herd that the world seem to freeze, I felt all alone in a place where people just wanted to kill me. Everything seemed to start again, the cracks of the guns and the bullets flying past my head seemed to be simultanious. I heard a scream from in the street, I looked over and I saw q little boy get shot in the head and the blood splattered on the window of a car to his side. I screamed as loud as I could as I saw it happen. An RPG exploded and blew a shopping cart to oblivion. I was sad and angry at the same time, I stood up and started shooting like crazy when I ran out of ammo everything stopped no bullets were flying at us. I stood up and I felt a sharp pain in my leg then I heard the gunshot everything was going black when Lt. Rincon was telling me to stay with him and just keep trying to talk. I tried but words didn't seem to come out of my mouth. He started dragging me and I blacked out. 

The next day..... I woke up and noticed that I was in a military base and Lt. Rincon  was standing next to me. He said, "You did good soldier," "Thanks" I said. He told me that there was food waiting for me in the dining hall I slowly got up and looked down and I noticed that I had a prostetic leg. I fell over not being used to it. Then Lt. Rincon helped me up and brought me to the dining hall. It felt good being back with U.S. soldiers I thought to myself.

The End

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