When is this gonna end?

 So, I went back on and I got a letter from John. Right now I feel like I wanna be in Heaven. So Mackenzie told me"whatever they say, don't listen to them. Izzy said" I was gonna do that, but then i found you were sooooooooo nice." I got a note from John saying  nothing about this. I told him what. Then he said "Anyways, g2g" I told, your so not leaving me. I knew deep inside, Izzy liked my boyfriend. Ava came on and just said what. We just started talking ordinary. I first told her to get a piece of paper and a pencil. Then I told her this. Tell John tomorrow at school this: Your girlfriend(me) really needs your help. They are you friends and you need to help her. Your supposed to help her instead of just reading the messages. She is getting pulled into different directions every time she gets on." Oh my gosh help me.

The End

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