My Computer Days

This story is about Amanda Ann Tamski's computer days. She must conquer her "ex-best friends" pulling her in different ways. While her boyfriend is disagreeing and not helping here.

      I am Amanda Ann Tamski. These are my computer days. Some good, some, well, lets just keep it as okay.

     As I got on the computer, there were rude messages. Lately, Mackenzie, Jessie and Isabella are pulling me to different sides. Isabella is known as Izzy. One said this another said that and the last said, basically"I'm innocent!" Izzy said she was innocent. My boyfriend's friends were taunting me. "Oh my gosh" I said in my head. It was so confusing. One girl said that  Mackenzie hates me and I told lies about her. Izzy was fine. Jessie was so horrifying. She said "No one likes you and I don't care about what you cry about." Then today, I got messages from Mackenzie saying "Izzy and Jessie are trying to take you away from John. Izzy told me at lunch that she is going to try to break you and John up." Then I got Ava telling me this. " Hi. I hope you can hear the truth but Izzy, Mackenzie, and Jessie don't like you. Izzy is going to try to break you and John up. Jessie told me at lunch that she hated you and Mackenzie hated you, but don't worry. Me and John know that your nice and we will be your friends." And before that, Jessie and I were trying to get things right.

The End

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