My city

poem about toronto

The Toronto skyline in eyesight

Dundas square lit with the lime light

Eaton Centre on the corner consuming several blocks

Break-dancers contort body parts on cardboard

To the rhythm of the 80’s pop and lock movement

Make your backbone slide reigns supreme for that genre

As the downtown street meat fills the air

A street car screeches as traffic amounts during the mid day bustle

Suits and ties mixed with baggy jeans and gang signs

Each one with its own hustle

All in these downtown streets

Foreigners stroll thru Nathan Phillips Square

Obsessed by the ominous buildings surrounding them

Blocking out the sunlight only to be exposed by the flashes of their cameras

Poverty is not prevalent but there is a few on the corners

The regent parks, central techs, Jarvis’ Harvey’s across from the court house

don’t stray far from the praised

but its still my city.

Graffiti marks the walls walking thru Gerrard

It remains one of four elements to hip-hop and it envisions our history.

From Maestro Fresh Wes to Michie Mee, Snow, Choclair, Rascalz and Kardi

These were our pioneers so Lest we forget

We are the “dot”, or the “six” or even “t dot o”

We pronounce it without the second T

And Lastman calls us Torontonians.

We are not a melting pot but rather a mixed salad

And multiculturalism is who we are.   

Jane Strip to Lake Shore and all in between.




The End

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