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The world is our stage, and the time is the element that drives this whole world. The childhood passes gives way to teenage and soon we step into adulthood, then to old age and finally we rest in peace. Childhood the most innocent period to say the least also engulfs our very early perceived ideas and thoughts. As i sit on threshold of adulthood , i cannot stop myself from travelling back the memory lane. The story is indigeneous yes , it is my very own true story . I hope you will enjoy reading

As i sit in my room, i feel nostalgic, i feel sad and at times angry and disgusted. The scrotching summer is making me go hazy , but it can't wipe out my childhood memories nor anyone in this world can. It is said that the brain is the biggest asset of a human , look around and you will believe . We humans aren't the most strongest but we are the most brainest and that is why we dominate the world. The important period that shapes your beliefs, your ideologies, your goals and just about everything that affect your later life is childhood. Its said that Hitler's persona was shaped by his childhood experiences where he was ill treated by his jewish father. I am not Hitler nor i am Mahatma Gandhi , i am a average person with not so average childhood.

   I was born in hindu family in Rajasthan a region famous for its desert,beautiful forts,palaces and brave rajputs in India. Ours was a joint family. I don't know about my very early years much nor i remember them very clearly. I though remember my trip to Taj Mahal in agra when i was 4 years old. People tell me i was fair and healthy when i was born. Now, i am overweight and dark, i am not complaining but you can just see the striking differences time brings along. Though nuclear families today are prominent even in India but 20 years earlier it was still a new phenomenon for our ancient country. Living in joint families in my view has more negatives than positives. Though my grandfather himself broke apart from his family , but he forced us to live in a joint one. Later in my life i was to realize that he was one big self boasting hypocrite. Don't judge me now for i will give plenty of evidence on which my judgement is based. Turning back to my side of story, the first funny incident that i can recall happened in my 6 th year. My cousin- son of my father's sister who used to consider himself self proclaimed genius was displaying his cycling skill to me and my brother.

"Stand here you too losers and see my efficiency at cycling" he shouted on us.

He paddled hard was racing on the lane outside our house. Soon he returned beaming with confidence.

"This is the way to do cycling."he said.

When none of us replied-"none of you believe in my skill.O.k i will close my eyes and then i will cycle."and off he went.

As he was cycling done the inclined ramp, he gained more speed but unfortunately he lost his balance. He fell in the drain or gutter as we call it, he got engulfed in black paste of human exreta, cow and dog shit.

Both of us were left to laugh our hearts aloud, i still remember we laughed for full 10 minutes with tears in our eyes. Soon he came out and we washed him outside our house. From that day he didn't dare to touch our bicycle.

But as i was to discover the coming years were going to be much less funny, for life had something else in store for me.

The End

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