The Cat at the WindowMature

It's very lucky that my small, top window was slightly open, and also lucky that my family don't wake up for anything. Even their own kin screaming. But this was fucked up. Too fucked up for my mind to process.

I tried to scream again, but Shoe squeezed through the gap in the window and shoved his paw against my mouth. I looked down at it with terror. It was his paw. Shoe had just put his paw against my mouth. A cat. He's a talking cat that is able to stand and walked around on it's hind legs.

'Holy... shit...' My voice was muffled by his... hand.

'Caitlin. Listen to me. You must close your window, blind and door now!' He hissed, narrowing his wide eyes at me. I nodded obediently, and shuffled to do as he ordered on my hands and knees.

As soon as I did so, there was a clacking noise against the window and some hardcore cat yowling.

'What...?' I gasped, peeking under the blind, but Shoe slapped me. And lifted up one claw to his mouth.

'It's Cheeseface, the big fat cat from down the lane. I had a run in with him, be quiet.' Shoe snapped, I nodded and clamped a hand over my mouth, I found they were shaking at a ridiculous rate. Which rarely happens.

I 've never been the type to run away screaming('cept from bugs and icky stuff), nor to faint or cry. But I was afraid all three of those things would happen if I looked at Shoe any longer.

My darling kitty, my ickle baby... was a cryptic, cynical, rude... thing.

[Unfinished Chapter]

The End

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