My Cat Shoe, and What he Really Gets up to.Mature

I've never believed in anything supernatural or extra-ordinary. My life has been pretty ordinary since I can remember, the odd fight with my parents, scrapping with my sister. So, you could say my life was a sort of routine; get up, get dressed, brush teeth, go to school, eat a snack, come home, homework, laptop, brush teeth, read, sleep. A pretty over-used timetable.

My life was just like that... until my cat, yes my cat, decided to ruin my quaint, perfect lifestyle. Let's go back a few days...

'Mum, what's for tea?' I yelled from the living room.

'Pasta and chicken!' She shouted, barely able to hear me over the washing machine in the kitchen, 'any complaints?!'

'Nope! Can me and Mae rent a film?'

'Check if there's anything that dad and I'll want to watch first!'

I sighed, glancing at my sister who was glued to her computer. I put up the TV guide and snickered; walking through to the kitchen where my mother was preparing our dinner.

'Unless you like Casualty and Home is Where the Heart Is...' I began, she gave me a look and puffed out a sigh.

'Fine.' She grumbled, I punched the air and sauntered back through to the living room with a joyous look on my face.


I was quite sure I was going to wake up at half seven, like I usually do. But something creeping outside my bedroom window making a soft yowling noise at two thirty AM.

'Jesus christ...' I moaned, sitting up groggily to pull up my blind to check what it was. If this had happened any earlier, when I was slightly less disorientated, I would have been cacking my pants with fear.

I rubbed my sleep-laden eyes to see a pair of beady yellow eyes staring at me.

'Oh my god!' I yelped, scooting backwards, falling off of my japanese-style fouton bed, 'shoot... it's just Shoe...'

I love my cat Shoe, he's all soft and cute and black and cuddly. While these loving thoughts flashed through my head, I didn't take notice of the fact that there was no way for my cat to get on my window ledge; it being the highest window in the whole house with nothing leading up to it.

'Let me in, women! It's bloody freezing out here!'

I froze, gulping I squinted at Shoe, surely there was no way he'd talk. This wasn't a dream, because it hurt when I fell off the bed. So it must be Mae or Dad playing trick on me.

I stared at my cat, and he sighed then rolled his eyes.

'Yes, Caitlin. I'm talking to you idiot!'

'OH SHIT!' I screamed

The End

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