My Bunny & Me

Once everything was unloaded from the car my dad started assembling the hutch together in our back garden. It was a beautiful sunny day that made me feel like the sun was shining its rays down on me. I could hear the birds chirping in happiness and the sound of laughter could be heard not too far away from our location. This is due to the fact that some of my neighbours were having a BBQ with the band Greenday playing in the background. They had the BBQ so they could make the most out of the sunny weather, as in the UK sunny weather is very rare even in the summer it seems.

The second that the hutch was built I carefully placed it inside the hutch as if the box’s contents were so delicate that one false move and it severally damage it. After the rabbit was placed in the hutch my mum and I were deeply and with great interest we were discussing what would be the appropriate name for him as he needs a name. So after some brainstorming we decided to call him Jasper as it is a catchy, strong name which seemed to suit.   

This is what we came up with next as due to how Jasper responds to carrots we thought it was appropriate to give him the middle name carrot. So now his name is Jasper Carrot Madeley as my last name is Madeley, this is the name that stuck and will always stay with me in my memories. As the name brings so much joy and makes me smile as he has changed my life in such a positive way that. I believe he is the cause of me being such a kind, caring person that listens to everyone’s problems and finds a solution to these problems no matter what the situation is.

After we decided on the name we suddenly realized how frightened Jasper was. As he was shaky like a person who has been in extremely cold conditions, for way too long that they are on the verge of suffering from hyperthermia. I wanted to pick him up and cuddle him to show that I would risk my life to protect him but it was better to leave him to settle in. I decided this as my mother explained to me that I shouldn’t be surprised if I didn’t see him explore outside his cardboard box until the next day. So I left him to it as I realised he needs time to settle in, and the fact I missed the latest episode of Doctor Who on the TV as I desperately wanted to comfort Jasper as much as humanly possible.

Casually I walked into the house so I could watch the recording of Doctor Who with my Mum, Dad and Brother. However this was cut short as my mum called for me to run to the windows near Jasper’s hutch. I desperately craved to find out why my mum wanted me to run like my life depended on it to the window, so I ran like I never ran before in my entire life  and right in front of my  wondering, bright, brown eyes I saw something happen which I will never forget.

As soon as I looked through the gleaming windows I soon discovered what all the commotion was about, as Jasper not only adventured out of the cardboard box he came in but he also climbed the long, wooden stairs in his hutch which lead to higher ground. I bolted out of the living room and outside to congratulate the rabbit for being so brave and for settling into his new home so quickly.

As soon as I picked him up for the very first time a wave of emotions rushed over me and it felt good as if I would never be sad again as no matter how dark or how life spirals down I knew that he would always be there to catch me when I fall. I was pulled from my trance of how wonderful Jasper was as I realized that my whole family dashed out with me to praise the rabbit for being so brave, cute and finally they were welcoming him to the family.  

It is now official that Jasper is a part of our family and he will be for many years to come. I thought it was best to get rid of the cardboard box as he made it clear that he didn’t need it anymore as he wasn’t afraid. For the first time ever I put him to bed by kissing him and cuddling as if he was my baby and I would protect him against the darkness that might try to consume him well OVER MY DEAD BODY would that happen.

I gazed to the sky after I knew Jasper was securely locked in his home for the night. I just couldn’t stop beaming with joy as I finally found a friend that would be with me for the rest of my life and I knew we would grown and face whatever the world had to throw at us. As at the end of the day we would always be together no matter what happens as we shared a bond that can never be broken.

The End

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