My Bunny & Me

Me my dad and my mother decided to have a fun, relaxing and fulfilling day out as a family. The only member of our family that was missing out on this adventure was my brother. It started out as a normal day you have with your family looking round shops. Then Suddenly........ Bam!!! 

Right in front of my very eyes was the most adorable, fluffy, innocent and damn right cutest thing I ever saw. The rabbit eyes were staring down into my soul. This was to put me through tests to see whether, I was the chosen, worthy and destined person that the rabbit will spent the rest of its life with. Within seconds the rabbit knew I was the chosen one to take full responsibility in his well being. After the rabbit looked into my soul to see whether I was worthy, he knew that as soon as I accepted the challenge. My life would change as I grew and developed into a stronger willed and determined women. As soon as the rabbit discovered this, he wanted to witness these life changing events unfolding in front of his charcoal, gleaming black eyes. After the rabbit found what he was looking for in her soul he stopped looking into it. The he released his overwhelming and irresistible grip so the female stranger would snap back into reality as if nothing ever happened.

After being in my own world for a short period of time I snapped back into reality, it felt like the rabbit reached out to me for just a moment. But maybe was my imagination playing cruel and unforgiving tricks on me. Either way I knew that he was the one for me as my gut was crying out in desperation for me to choose this rabbit. Destiny revealed only one playing card of my life and it revealed me defending the rabbit against all obstacles and dangers of the world.  Well I can say that I don’t understand how destiny works but one thing you must always remember, when destiny comes knocking you must answer its smoothing or it’s horrifying call.

I was finally ready to accept my duties and responsibilities of looking after; the small bundle of life that I adventured far and wide the time for action was NOW.

My Mum walked over to me in a calm and happy manner she witnessed the smile on my face illuminating the overcrowded, relaxing, warm hearted pet shop. My mum asked me very cleverly whether I wanted to investigate any of the other rabbits that the pet shop had for sale, I instantly declined the offer as I knew the others wouldn’t win over my affections. With that cleverly devised experiment my mum asked one of the members of staff that I finished deciding what I was after. The women that came over to assist was  extremely young aged about 20 years old and she had long shinning brown hair, gleaming brown eyes that reflected happiness and a smile that made you feel warm with happiness inside.

The women kindly asked me which rabbit I was highly interested in buying, I told her the one that is eating as at the time the grey and white rabbit was the only one eating while relaxing in the food bowl.

The one I had chosen was only 8 weeks old so this why he looked like a small, cute fluff ball as he hadn’t been born into the world very long and he was still exploring what the world had to offer or what lied ahead for him. This showed how unique he was and also how he stood out from all the others, I had yet to discover how truly unique he was but that is something I will find out in due time. 

As soon as I informed the member of staff which rabbit she carefully picked up the small bundle of fluff with great care, kindness and respect for the animal, it was like she worshipped the animal and by being so careful it showed that she cared for animals deeply throughout her life until the day she died. After handling the rabbit she informed me that it was a male rabbit which is what I was after.  The shop keeper was handling the animal with such care she gently placed him into a small, brown box with air holes at the side. Then the women handed the box to me, I felt a huge rush of responsibility running through my entire body, I also felt a number of other emotions that pumped through my body all at once, Such as excitement, wonder, joy and above all importance.

Importance well I guess you’re probably wondering why I said importance was one of my emotions, well that is simple. It is due to the fact that I felt like I was truly needed for the first time in my entire life. As this magnificent creature depended on me for everything that all creatures need in the world these things include food, water, warmth, care and above all the most powerful and most needed aspect of all LOVE. Love can’t be won or bought, you can only give or receive it from the people you truly care about the most. There are many forms of love and it is the most powerful force on the planet. That no evil can destroy as Love banishes all darkness, and reveals a light inside your soul and the souls that surround you.

Anyway that was extremely deep and now back to the rest of the story. We are getting closer to the end of this story but there can be many more where this story draws your attention. After receiving the rabbit and paying for him and some rabbit excel for him to eat my dad, mum and I adventured off down the long bumpy roads back to familiar grounds.

A short amount of time later we arrived at a pet shop called Pets At Home which sells a huge range of animals and items for all animals needs as far as the eye can see. We came here so we could buy all the other essentials that we need this included a rabbit hutch, food bowl, water bottle, litter tray and finally equipment to keep the hutch clean. Once all these items were gathered they were paid for and for the final time on the bumpy roads so we could travel back home at last.

The End

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