My Bunny & Me

This story is about my pet Rabbit called Jasper and the adventures that my rabbit and myself have been through throughout the years.

On the 28th April 2008 was one of the best days of my life. I bet now you’re probably wondering why? What makes this particular date and year so important? 

Well I am so glad that you asked as this is where my story begins, of how a great and powerful force, that I could not control or interfere with changed my way of life forever.  


Let’s begin on the 28th of April 2008. I awoke to the gleaming sunlight pouring its rays of happiness down upon me. It felt like god himself was shining his happiness down upon me.  So he could show me that today was a day of huge significance and above all great importance.

For some unknown reason I felt extremely good as if I was on top of the world and nothing could bring me down. Or like a ruler concurring the world and assonating anything or anyone who dared interfere with my mission. The irresistible and over powering smell of bacon sizzling in the grill pan snapped my mind back to reality. As much as my mind tried to overpower the irresistible temptation, it failed as it was sucked into its temptation. Therefore making my body surrender to its demand.

 The taste of the scorching, mouth watering bacon fed my craving hungry lips with its smooth texture. My body screamed out in excitement as its hunger was being satisfied by the main thing it craved. My body craved this food so much that even with every ounce of my strength, would be nowhere near enough mental suitability to keep it under control. Because it knew that it must feed and sustain the appropriate amount of fluid to survive the challenges it faces on a daily bases.  

I couldn’t believe how magnificent I felt as I haven’t felt this emotion in such a long time. That my hope for reviving this emotion was lost and know I know why I have been searching and fighting so hard to get this emotion back. It felt good too good that mere words cannot describe how good it feels. I guess one way of describing it is a weary traveller after many years has been at war against the world again, and again, and again. Until his brain convinces him it’s all over everything you have been fighting for is weak and pathetic. But then suddenly a beam of holy light is shone down.....   

It shows the weary traveller that they have made it through hell and back to paradise. To the one place they have been fighting for all this time so that they can feel respected, loved and above all belonged. That one place called home.

That’s the best way of summing up my emotions for this date and I had no idea what wonders were in store as the day progressed. Anyway I am getting distracted again let’s move on as I know you are eager to find out more on why this particular date is so important to me. No before you say it the bacon wasn’t the reason. Right I am focused again now time to move on.

The End

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