Proving Sabotage

The parking lot emptied without the yelling, screaming, and fanfare of horns. If you didn't know better you might think It was a quiet church social crowd, on a Sunday night. 

The big chain link gates were thrown back on their hinges, but even at that, one of the emergency vehicles had left red paint on the post in its haste to get inside. The next day the papers would say that it was the worst crash in Westminster track history. The owners must have agreed, because that was the last race. Ever.

Seven people died in the wreck, five racecar fans, and both drivers. The car, number 401 was doing 180 mph when it hit car 111 and disintegrated. Jerry Isling, the driver of 111 was ingulfed in flames as it spun out of control. Also, in a quirk of fate, one of the fans killed was said to be the driver's brother's girl friend, a Sandy Meade.

Brad Pendell, the driver, was the brother of Sean Pendell who had died a month earlier in car number 401 also. The papers quoted local legend, Frankie Merker, the owner of the car, that the car was in tiptop shape, but the driver was a novice.

Even today, there are some people that claim the car was sabotaged. These are probably the same folks that see UFO's.  

The End

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