Tony suspects foul play

When he got to Tony's place, he cut the engine and got out. As he started towards the house, Sean suddenly appeared beside him. Brad took  a sharp sudden breath, but kept on walking. "Do Tony and Claire know that your spirit survived the crash, or are you only haunting me?" Brad asked conversationally. Sean laughed. and said, " you always did have a set of solid brass ones . I would have been totally freaking out if our situations were reversed."

Brad shrugged  "You're my brother, I love you. Even dead, I know that you would never do anything to harm me." Sean nodded. "That's true. Listen, you've got to talk to Tony about the accident that killed me. He thinks that it might not have been an accident."

Brad turned and looked at the ghost of his brother. "You've been talking to Tony? How did he take the news that you're still around?" "pretty well, I guess," Sean said. "He didn't freak or anything. He's been looking at the wreck out at Mason's, and there's something that doesn't add up.  He says there's something wrong with the brake lines."

"Did you have trouble with the brakes while you were driving?" Brad asked. "I'm not sure. Everything happened so fast. I was broadsided, and I guess I tried the brakes, but I was already in a slide headed towards the guard rails. I've been thinking about it, and I think the brakes were a little spongy before I was hit, but it wasn't the brakes that caused the accident."

Brad walked up the step and rang the bell, and Sean stayed beside him. "Hi guys," Tony greeted them. Brad looked at Tony, amazed. Tony was talking as though Sean was still alive. No wonder he had so much respect for his brother in law. The man was unflappable. The three of them walked into the kitchen, where Sandy was having a glass of orange juice with Claire.

Sean walked over to Sandy and kissed her on the cheek. She looked up and smiled at him. Brad was glad for Sandy, because in a way she had Sean back. On the other hand though, his heart sank. He'd been getting closer to Sandy since Sean died. He had always cared about her, but when Sean was alive he would never ever betray his brother with Sandy. Now that he was dead, Brad thought that he might have a chance, but that was before Sean's ghost showed up. As long as Sean was in the picture, Brad was out of it.

Brad and Tony sat down, Sean stood beside Sandy's chair. "I understand that you think Sean's accident might have been sabotage." Brad said to Tony, who nodded while he poured himself some juice. He poured some for Brad as well. "The brake lines bother me," Tony said. " their damage is too uniform to have been caused by the accident. I think they were cut part of the way through. Also, I've been watching the video of the accident on slow motion. At a certain angle it looked like the hit from the other vehicle was deliberate. The other car started to recover, and head for the shoulder, but then it suddenly burst into flames. The driver was killed. The police went over both vehicles, and they haven't been able to pinpoint any damage that might have been caused by sabotage."

"Maybe it wasn't sabotage, then." Brad said. "I know it was", Tony said, "I can feel it in my bones."  Brad laughed, " how do you know your bones aren't lying?'

The End

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