My Brothers' Best Friend - 'Just pass me the damn Fruitloops.'

"Good Morning little sister!"

I jumped, spilling milk from the bowl of Fruitloops positioned on my lap as Nick bellowed in my ear.

"Nick! Bog off!" I screeched at him, throwing the pillow that had previously been cushioning my back, right at his head. "I'm trying to have a peaceful breakfast here." He ducked, laughing obnoxiously at me.

"Aw, lighten up Clara, Jesus." What the hell is wrong with him? Did Mom feed him some sort of 'annoying brother' concuction as a child? I'm starting to believe so. I stuck my tongue out at him, but he didn't notice. Idiot. Well, i know whose clean shirt from the laundry basket i'll be using to wipe the milk stain off Eddie's couch. The idea made me smirk.

Eddie is my Step-father and although we are quite close, i never really bother calling him by any other name. I can't see myself walking up to him in the hallway and saying "Hey Dad! .. uh .. Daddy? Father? Pa?" until i got to one that suited. See? Much less complicated to call him Eddie.

"I'm just going to change, sis, i rung Kane so when he arrives let him in would ya?"

"But i'm still in my -" Too late. He had already joggedup the stairs, whisteling an unknown tune. I looked down; i was still wearing my pair of sweat pants and strappy pyjama top from last night. Ugh.

Besides, i am not opening the door for that. No way, not in a million years, not even if the Queen was standing right next to him, waiting to be let in also, i will neve -

I barely raised another spoonful of cereal to my mouth when there was a knock at the door. God Dammit. I sighed and dropped my bowl on the coffee table the made my way over to answer it. Clara, girl, you are way too nice for your own good. Even to that slimeball, Kane. Ugh, made me sick just saying his name. And, of course, it was him that i faced in the doorway.

"Mornin' Babe." He raised his pierced eyebrow at what i was wearing. "Lovin' the new look by the way. What's for breakfast?"

"Nothing. You should of brought your own food, instead of treating our kitchen like a private restaurant. Now get in, before i slam this door in your face." I growled at him as he strutted in, smirking at me, tauntingly.

"Just pass me the damn Fruitloops you always keep stashed away and i'll leave you to do whatever it is that you do on Sundays'." Lousy idiot, can't even search for food. Just demands, demands, demands. He's already made his first mistake today.

Nobody threatens to take my Fruitloops. Nobody.



The End

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