My Brothers' Best Friend? I'm not laughing 'cause i'm mean. I'm laughing 'cause you're insane!

'What? He's handsome. That's still not a vaild excuse to be a jackass.' It's not exactly a secret - Clara Ann Mason has never been that good around boys. At least, when encountered with the ones her Best friend Anna tried to shove off on her. No matter how much she dwelled on it, no-one has struck out to her as Mr Charming. And she's fine with that. But when she realises that love has struck, she is suprised who her perfect man turns out to be. The match has been lit. Now let the fire burn.

  Have you ever had one of those days where pretty much nothing goes the way you originally planned? Perhaps, that Royal Family project you were asked to write, and after much hard, painful work had been finished - only later to find that the dog had just eaten it for breakfast. That one dress from New Look that you actually held an interest for? Yeah, you missed the last bus to town on the Sale Closing Date. You bring your new boyfriend home after school? No more heard from him.

Yes. I am, infact, referring to my own experiences. Unfortunatly. I did not bring this upon myself though. I mean, i'm a pretty normal teenager overall; I hate teachers, they hate me. I have bad hormonal moments, just like everybody else...Come on! who hasn't chucked something against a wall when they've gotten mad before? This is a regular thing for me. All because, when i entered this world, in nothing but my Birthday Suit, i found out that i happened to have an older sibling.

It is a fact of life - you cannot hate your own brother. You can dislike them for embarrassing you in front of complete strangers and you can really really dislike them for catching a spider for the sole purpose of dropping it down the back of your T-shirt. But you simply can't hate them, because deep down...i guess in my case, reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal deep know that they care about you. So, i discovered the Loophole.

Don't hate the brother. Hate the brothers' best mate instead.

What? He's just as annoying. Probably even more when i think about it. Wherever one of them were to appear, the other would follow soon afterwards - most likely with an evil plan hatched between them both, aimed at yours truely. Swapping my favourite coconut shampoo for Maple syrup? Drawing moustaches on all of my band posters faces with permanent marker? You name it, there is a ninety nine point nine percent chance that my older brother, Nick Jonathan Mason, and his best friend Kane Maguire - A.K.A the spawn of satan - have done it.

Of course, i am no ordinary little sister. I am a strong, independant woman. Who knows how to dye clothing bright pink in the washing machine. That is when the war broke out. By the end of the day, Nicks Playboy magazines had been shredded, Kanes' MP3 player had been flushed down the toilet and,somehow, most of my Nickelback CD's had been sellotaped to my bedroom ceiling.

Never did find out how they managed that...

 Throughout my sixteen years, i have not had one single civil conversation with Kane. Sure, Nick grew up a bit - being the lovely big brother that he is, he found life just alot easier by shortening his time for Pranks and lengthening that of his attempts at 'scoring somebody on the Highscool Cheerleading' Squad. pfftt. Typical.

Kane and i haven't changed our ways though. So what if he grew a foot taller and developed into a eighteen year old hottie? Not my words by the way. You'd think your own BFF would take your side on things when you needed an extra acomplice, rather than gawk at him all afternoon.

Still, the battle rages on. And i would prefer to keep it that way. But sometimes, not everybody gets wat they want, just like i wasn't able to hand in my project because Kane had dropped it in Rileys' food bowl. Or buy that slim-fitting black dress, as Kane had locked the front door on his way out with Nick.  And the boyfriend incident? ... that was mainly Nicks over-protective instincts kicking in. Nonetheless, it still damn well pissed me off.

My name is Clara Ann Mason. And this is the confusing, impossible, scary... yet somehow beautiful story of how i fell in love with my Brothers Best Friend. Grab your popcorn and steal the persons seat next to you, 'cause this is gonna be a bumpy ride!


Well, that's the start of my first ever story =D! Hope you liked it and pretty please, if you would like me to carry it on for a while, if you like the idea then please comment and i'll be sure to check out stories of your own xxxx loves from Zoe <3.

The End

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