This Girl from BrokenheartsvilleMature

Pain comes in many different forms, it comes in blue, in red, in purple; it even comes through a person. Pain affects everyone differently but we all feel it. Check out this story as Iris deals with her own form of a broken heart and the struggle with trusting someone new.

   My eyes fill with tears and I grasp onto the last shed of self control that I have left. Breathing deeply I will the tears to go away and continue looking at the screen, wondering what it was like to be so deeply hurt and broken. It's hard to imagine that that actually happened in real life with real people. How can someone be so cruel? As Mrs. K turns on the lights and everyone wakes up from their 3 minute nap, I silently wipe away a rebel tear.

   "So.. Class! Write on the sheet in front of you and explain what this video of the horrors that happened back in the 2000s made you feel." With that Mrs. K sits down at her desk and starts to surf the web on her new hover computer.

    Looking around I make eye contact with Elin and I know she's thinking the same thing as me. 


    Being bumped in the hall ways takes me out of my thoughts. Right before I make it to my locker my books are "accidentally" knocked out of my hands and I immediately bend down to pick them up. I hear snickering but don't look up because I know that's what they want; a reaction.

    "Are you okay?" And then I make the mistake of locking eyes with the most gorgeous human I've ever seen. Dark brown eyes with a dark ring of eye lashes and the kind of hair that looks expertly messed up. Despite my trembling hands and shaky breaths I smile at him. 

    After picking up the last of my books he grabs my hand and pulls me up. "Thanks."

    Smiling at me, he doesn't let go of my hand and I'm confused. He's too much for me, I don't know what to do. He must have noticed this because he squeezes my sweaty hand and starts pulling me to doors leading to the outside. With my books in one hand and the other in his I can't help but feel the heat on my face as I'm sure people are staring at us incredulously.

   "Can I give you a ride home?" Startling me out of my deep reverie of self shaming I look at him.

    "Uhh, sure. But you don't have to. I usually ride the bus." At the last statement his eyes flash with anger but I could be imagining it.

    "I want to. A pretty girl like you shouldn't be riding the bus anyway." To say I'm shocked is an understatement, especially when he opens the car door. 

    He holds my hand the whole way to my house and my heart beats erratically. The passing scenery doesn't hold my attention the way it usually does and I'm confounded.

   "Why are you being so nice to me?" I ask as we pull up in my driveway. 

    "I- I honestly can't describe why. I just have this gut feeling of wanting to be with you, to help you. If I could explain it I would." Then he sighs and shakes his head as if he were shaking away a haze. "My name is Elijah by the way."

    "Iris," I reply quietly. 

     "Can we go out?" He asks hesitantly as if he expects me to say no.

      "You don't even know me." I turn to look at the window to hide from the hurt I see in his eyes.

      "I want to know you though. Go out with me so I can. Please?" I can't ignore the pleading tone in his voice and once again I turn to look into his eyes.

      "I- okay.." And as soon as he hears my answer his smile blasts away the darkness for a little bit.

      "Okay, okay." He repeats and then he jumps out of the car and I have to admire his shock of black hair that curls and the dimples in his cheeks when he smiles. 

The End

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