Retribution, You Know?


No way!  Oh, man, I can't believe I missed it.  I can't believe my damn parents made me go on that stupid trip to the coast.  I was so freakin bored, man.  And the whole time Nate was back here getting arrested and stuff!  That's crazy, you know?  Our own buddy getting arrested for something so stupid, you know? 

Man, old ladies are freakin nuts around here.  Hasn't she ever seen a homeless person, or what?  What kind of crazy person throws up looking at a homeless guy?  I mean, they're everywhere around here anyway.  She must have been crazy, you know?  Crazy old woman...

So what kind of trouble is Nate in now?  Did his parents totally freak at him?  I know mine would; they would have chewed me a new hole, thats for sure. 

Probation, hey?  That really sucks.  So what, he can't even hang out with us or something?  He's not allowed to leave the state?  Is that it? 

You know what I think?  I think we should bust Nate outta this place, you know?  Get him away from this crazy stuff.  We'll get retribution, man!  Get back at the goddamn system, you know?  We can go on a road trip!  It'll be so sick, man!  Whaddya say?  Huh?  Let's get our boy Nate the hell outta here!

The End

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