My Boyfriends a Ghost

Will Maegan's boyfriend ever cross over?

“So?” I asked anxiously. “What do you think?” I twirled in a circle to show off all the sides of my new dress.

          “OMG! Maegan, that’s utterly gorgeous! He’s going to love it.” My best friend Jocelyn cried.

          I sat down on a chair and started to play with my fingers.

          ‘What’s up Maemae?” Jocelyn asked, using our pet names from when we were little.

          “I’m just so nervous Jossie. I mean, it’s not like we haven’t gone on dates before, but this is my very first ever real date. The dinner and movie kind where he comes to pick you up and my dad stares him down.” I laughed a little imagining my dad when Aiden showed up at the door.

          “Don’t worry Maegan, on your 16th birthday I will be your very first date if you have no one else, whether we still love each other or not. Promise.” And a year later my amazing boyfriend was still keeping that promise, only, we never stopped loving each other.

          “Come on Maemae, take that dress off and let’s start getting you ready. I’ve got two hours to get you beautiful-ized! Oh…not that you need it anyways.” I laughed.

          ‘Thanks Jossie Thanks so much.”

          “You know I love you!” She cried headed to my bathroom to set up her torture salon. I nervously started to chew on my nail.

          “Out of your mouth!” She yelled at me. It was really creepy how she did that.

Jocelyn started by brushing out my long brown hair. It was so relaxing but I’d never let her know that.

“It’s not fair.” She’d pout. “You get nice long hair right to the middle of your back and I get a short black hair that stops at my chin.”

“You just have to grow it out Jocelyn if you want it long.” I told her.

She snorted “Yeah, but I look dumb in long hair.” I rolled my eyes.

“OMG Maegan we are SO putting your hair up.” She squealed gleefully. I always wore my hair down.

“Joss!” I cried annoyed, but there was no changing her mind.

Two hours later Jocelyn was strapping heels onto my feet when the door bell rang.

“Oh my god! He’s here! OhmygodOhmygod!” Jocelyn kicked me.

“Stop it or you’ll sweat your face off!” She commanded sternly. She quickly straightened my purple dress, checked my nails and hair and inspected my makeup, and then she threw me a silver purse and told me to get the hell out of my room. I stared at her for a second then race downstairs o see Aiden shaking hands with my father. Gulp, here it goes.

“Aiden!” I cried, tumbling down the stairs.

“Careful there.” He said, grabbing my hand before I fell. I stared into his eyes for a moment until my dad cleared his throat.

“Oh, umm…best be off now. Home by ten right? Nice to meet you Sir.” Aiden said then practically flung himself out the door. I gave my dad a quick kiss on the cheek and followed Aiden to his new red Pontiac.

“Honestly Aiden, what did you do go for your permit the minute you turned sixteen?” His birthday was two days before mine.

“You bet and obviously, I passed.” I gave him a kiss on the cheek as he started the car. “Now, stop distracting the driver.” He joked playfully, steering with one hand and grabbing mine with his other.

“You look so beautiful tonight.” He whispered in my ear as he shut the door behind me.

“Ooh Red lobster.” I said as we walked into the restaurant.

“Only the best.” He smiled holding the door for me. I blushed just a little.

Aiden took my coat when we sat down.

“Here are your menus and may I take your drinks?” The waiter asked flipping his pad out.

“I’ll have a coke please.” I said flipping through the menu.

“Two cokes” Aiden ordered, never taking his eyes off me. The waiter nodded and walked away.

“It’s so nice and quiet here.” I sighed. “So perfect.” I gave Aiden a smile.

“Do you know what you’re having?” he asked me.

“This sounds good.” I said pointing one shimmery nail to the seafood Deluxe Pasta. “Pasta Shrimp and Lobster yum.” Aiden nodded in agreement.

The waiter left with our orders and refills for coke.

“Maegan, the waiter isn’t coming back for awhile and the restaurant is pretty empty, and we are pretty much alone.” He took both my hands in his and stared into my eyes. “We’ve been dating for two years, and just two more and we’ll be together forever. No more worrying about leaving each other, or ending, just the two of us forever.” I nodded solemnly.

“I never worried about you leaving me.” I whispered.

“You did just a little remember?” My mind flew back to two years ago.

“What’s the point of love! What’s the point of loving when all people do is lie and use me, or die or…or leave? Dammit what’s the point?”

“I was young and heartbroken.” I said in defense.

“Yes, I remember. And I promised you once before, and I promise you again. Maegan, I will never lie to you, I will never leave you, I’ll always be here, and if I die, I won’t leave until you’ve found someone to take the hurt away. Like I did for you, I will not leave until you tell me to go, not even in death.”

Tears started to well in my eyes. I could feel them threatening to flow over. Aiden reached into his pocket, still holding my hands with one and pulled out a velvet box.

“And just to seal the promise.” He opened the box to reveal a silver ring nestled in the cloth. It was a simple silver band with a diamond heart but it was the most beautiful ring I had ever seen.

“Look on the inside.” I peered through the ring and engraved was “I love you Maegan.”

“Aiden!” I gasped. “It’s…it’s” I lost track of words and just started to cry. Remembering I was wearing mascara, I went up to wipe it away but nothing was there. Water proof, so Joss had known what was going on.

After we had finished the waiter had came and taken our plates away.

“So it’s 7:30. Would you like to catch a movie?” Aiden asked me.

I smiled and took his hand in mine. “Let’s go.” Aiden wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me in close as we headed for the door.

We found ourselves seats in the theater and settled down to watch. It was an interesting movie but I just couldn’t take my eyes off Aiden. He looked so different to me, so…angelic. Aiden finally turned to look at me.

“Aiden” I breathed as his eyes met mine. He leaned in closer, eyes locked on mine. Closer still so our noses touched. The light from the movie flickered off the side of his face. He wrapped his arms all the way around me holding me close, despite the theater chair armrest. “Aiden” I sighed again and relaxed in his arms. Finally, his lips met mine, and I released. I forgot we were in a theater, I forgot I had to go home to my parents, I forgot I was in an expensive dress, I forgot everything. The only thing I remembered was I was with Aiden and he loved me. Before I knew it, the movie was over.

Aiden drove me home and we were quiet the whole time. Just the patter of rain starting to fall. The streets were dark and empty.  Aiden patiently sat at the lights despite the lack of traffic. Finally it turned green and he hit the gas pedal. All I saw were the headlights coming in our direction, refusing to stop, like a glowing monstrous eyes thirsting for death. The eyes didn’t stop they kept coming. The squeal of brakes pierced the night and then, the deafening crash.

“Aiden!” I screamed as shards flew in all direction. “No. no Aiden!” I cried but I was flung against the window. My seat belt locked, holding me back, glass flew in all directions. Metal hissed and protested at being twisted. And then, it went black.

Beep. Beep. Beep.

“Shouldn’t she have wakened up by now?” A frantic voice whispered.

“Give her time to heal. It was a nasty accident.” I opened my eyes just a slit.

Where am I? This isn’t my room. What happened? Where’s Aiden? We…We were driving and…

It all came rushing back. “Aiden!” I screamed. I quickly jerked myself up and instantly felt dizzy. “Where am I?” I murmured, realizing I was in a hospital. The heart monitor, the IV tubes, the smell. “Accident, there was an accident. Monster eyes.” I started to cry again.

“Oh honey!” my mom flung her arms gently around me enveloping me in a hug. My dad stroked my hair and my nose picker brother was playing with action figures and making explosion noises. Through my parents I saw Jocelyn sitting on a chair, mascara smudged from crying. Jocelyn never cried, not even when her dad had left them, not even when her mom had gotten cancer. Jocelyn simply never cried.

“Where…Where’s Aiden?” I asked. My mom pulled away and straightened her shirt my dad became occupied and looked around the room for his sports illustrated and Jocelyn refused to meet my eyes. There’s was something going on but my brain just couldn’t register what.

“The boy you were in the car with correct?” The doctor was the only one who answered me, and she didn’t even look up from her clipboard to do it.

“Yes, the boy in the car.” I choked.

“Honey how are you feeling? Any headaches?” My mom cut in quickly.

“Mom I’m fine” I snapped annoyed. “I just want to see Aiden" I swung my legs off the bed and tried to get up, flinching at the pull from the IV.

“Is it best to really tell her now? She’s so unstable.” My mom whispered to the doctor.

“Mom where’s Aiden?” I cried louder. No one looked at me.

What’s going on here? Why won’t anyone answer me? He’s FINE just tell me what room he is in so I can go see him.

“Once more, just tell me what room he’s in so I can go see him.” I said annoyed with everyone around me, especially my brother, just because he was my brother.

“Your stupid boyfriend is in the basement.” He laughed not looking up from his dolls.

“The basement there’s nothing in the basement of hospitals but the-

“Morgue. Exactly” He laughed maliciously.

I sat in shock. But the morgue is where they take dead people, Aiden isn’t…I refused to even think it.

“Go back to sleep hun you must be in pain.” My mom said. It sounded like she was choking.

“No! I won’t sleep until someone tells me what’ going on.” Just then the doctor injected painkillers and everything began to spin.

“Where’s Aiden?” I slurred, fighting to stay awake.

“Sleep baby girl” My mom told me. I heard Jocelyn starting to cry again.

“But…” And I gave into the blackness.

“Maegan you really need to stop worrying about me.” Aiden was sitting in the middle of black smiling at me.

“Where are you Aiden? Why won’t anyone tell me what’s going on?” Aiden laughed. It sounded so sweet, so angelic.

“They are afraid you’ll panic and relapse into a coma.”

“Why would they be afraid about that?” Aiden laughed again.

“Because I’m dead Maegan.”

“Oh.” But I didn’t feel anything. It was like I felt the break coming on, but then it stopped. What do they put in painkillers nowadays?

Aiden got up and walked over to me and took my hand. ‘I promised never to leave you, and I won’t. Until you tell me to leave you’ll be able to see me. I will not leave you. When you wake up I’ll be there but only you can see me understood?” I nodded. “Good. Now go back to sleep and heal your head. I’m not going anywhere.” He kissed me on the forehead and then faded away.

“No don’t go!” I cried, reaching out into the darkness.

“I’m not.” I heard a final laugh then nothing. I sat down in the black all by myself, but I didn’t feel a thing.

I finally woke up and looked around. There he was sitting on a chair smiling at me.

“Honey how are you feeling?”

“Great mom thanks!” She gave me a puzzled look.

“Hon we need to tell you something. Aiden, he didn’t quite make it through the accident. He died honey.” She said solemnly.

“Oh, well that’s ok mom.” I said still smiling like I was some lunatic.

“Oh.” My mom blinked in surprise. “Well then.”  She went over to sit down surprised she didn’t have to deal with any water works.

“Mom when do I get to go home?” I asked her.

“Soon honey soon.” Still dazed by my reaction.

“So you’re really feeling ok?” Aiden asked me.

“Oh yes I feel great!” I said to him. Everyone turned to stare at me.

‘Who are you talking to?” My mom asked.

“Aiden…” I said. He was standing right there.

“Aiden is dead Maegan he isn’t here.”

“Course he is.” I laughed, if only they knew.

“Jonathan call the Doctor.” My mother whispered to my dad.

“Baby girl, Aiden is dead.” She said softly cautiously walking towards me.

“Yes mom, I know.” I said, starting to get annoyed.

“You beckoned Mrs. Crawford?” The doctor said stepping to the room. My mom started to frantically whisper to the Doctor how strange I was behaving.

“Hmm…” The doctor pulled out a light and shined it in my eyes. “I think its all part of the stress. Denial. A way of protecting the mind. If it continues for more then a month I suggest you contact a psychologist.” She shut off the light and walked out of the room. 

“Come on hun, here are your clothes let’s go home.” Mom whispered. I nodded. Why was everyone so worried? I grabbed my jeans and t-shirt and locked the door to the bathroom.

On the way home my mom kept looking at me strangely in the rearview mirror. I just rolled my eyes and smiled at Aiden who was sitting next to me.

“She just thinks you’re crazy” He laughed at me.

“You know I am!” I said and we laughed together.

“Maegan?” Everyone was staring at me again.

“Whoops” I muttered. I slunk back against my seat trying to disappear. This wasn’t going to be so easy.

“I wish everyone would stop staring at me.” I complained to Aiden as I brushed my hair for bed.

“Aweh don’t worry about it.” Aiden said stroking my hair.

“They all think something is wrong, but what can possibly be wrong?” I said. I skipped happily to my bed and sat down. “I feel so….happy” I said laughing.

“Of course you are.” Aiden said sitting down beside me.

“Hey Aiden?” I said more quietly now.

“Yes Mae?” He said,

“Even though you’re like a ghost…can we…what I mean is…is it still possible...” I struggled to find words but it was just so awkward. Who had a ghost boyfriend?

“Do you mean…” Aiden let the words drop and leaned in to kiss me. I gasped as his cool lips touched mine. When he pulled away he laughed. “The look on your face…” He just shook his head and laughed.

“Well…that was helpful indeed.” I said, my head still spinning from the kiss.

“You should go to sleep love.” Aiden crooned to me.

“But I’m not tired. I want to stay with you.” I pouted.

Aiden pulled the covers down and gently tucked me under. “I’m not going anywhere until you tell me to.” He smiled.

“Stay” I yawned and reached for his hand. Slowly my eyelids dropped and I fell fast asleep, Aiden softly humming in my ear.

“Good morning sleepy head.” Aiden said as I stretched. “That alarm clock is such a pest. Ugh I don’t understand how people can stand them.”

“It’s called a snooze button” I laughed as I leaned over to hit it. “Ugh I look like a wreck.” I whined and grabbed my brush and tried to pull it through the knots.

“Mmm I think you look adorable” He said pulling me close to him. I craned my neck to kiss him when my Dad walked in.

“Maegan…What are you doing?” I gasped and fell to the floor. I started to stammer.

“Just get ready for school.” My dad said backing out of my door way.

“Not again.” I moaned.

“It’ll…just take some time.” Aiden’s face twisted in agony and pain that I would never understand.

“Are you ok?” I asked.

“Yeah I’m fine.” He sighed.

“Let’s go to school.”  I said.

Aiden opened the door for me. “After you” he said.

Jocelyn came racing up to me in the hall. “Maemae! How are you?” Her eyes still red from crying.

“I’m great Joss. Better then ever.” I smiled.

“I’m so sorry about Aiden.” She said giving mea hug.

“He’s still here Joss.”

What?” She cried and stepped back giving me that look everyone else did.

“Shush and I’ll tell you.” I said sternly. She nodded feebly. “He promised he’d never leave me until I told him to go. So I’m guessing he didn’t cross over, but I’m the only one who can see him, cause of the promise.”

Jocelyn stared at me in awe. ‘I believe you.”

“Really?” I said surprised.

“Aiden kind of told me all about what he was going to do. That’s why I was so excited.” She blushed.

I laughed. “At least there is one less person who will look at me like a lunatic.” I sighed. This was going to be harder then I thought.

“Don’t worry Maemae. Everything will be fine.”

“Sure Joss, let’s just get to class. Come on.”

The bell rang for lunch and Joss Aiden and I all headed for a small table at the back, hidden from everyone else.

“You know, this is kind of romantic when you think of it” Joss said. She had gotten a kick out of this whole story. She just thought about how romantic it all was. Like some cheesy chick flick.

“Shut up Joss.” I grumbled.

“So you never did tell how the date went.” Joss said. “Oh and Hi Aiden!” She said cheerily waving to the seat next to me.

“Wrong seat Joss.”

“Oh…” and waved to the empty seat on the other side of me. Aiden burst out laughing.

“Hi Jocelyn.” He said through the laughter.

“Aiden says hi.” Jocelyn smiled.

“So? How did it go?” Jocelyn leaning in closer to me.

“We went ate food saw a movie drove home and he died.” I said with a new hurt and coldness. Looked like the painkillers had worn off. Aiden looked at me puzzled.

“Didn’t you enjoy it?” He asked me concerned.

“How could? You died!” I shouted at him.

“Maegan, relax, I’m still here.” Aiden said soothingly, wrapping his arm around me.

“No, no, no! I’m crazy, hallucinating.” And I ran from the room crying, straight into the football team running late. Of course Aiden had followed me.

“Maegan!” Brad called to me as I tried to dodge around them. “Maegan!” he called again grabbing my arm. “We’re really sorry about your loss. Aiden was a great player on the team and we miss him a lot to.”

“Huh.” Aiden said. “I didn’t know they liked me that much.”

“Yeah well Aiden appreciates your kindness” I said harshly. I saw him flinch.

“Can you really see him?” he asked me now. He didn’t ask like I was a freak or anything. My harsh glare softened, realizing how honest he was being.

“He means it. He doesn’t think you’re a freak.” Aiden whispered to me.

“How do you know?” I said to him, then blushed regretting it. I turned my head to look at the team. None of them looked at me like I was a freak.

“I can read minds. It’s one of the best parts about being a ghost. I can’t read yours though. Because you can see me. Such a disadvantage.” He pouted.

“What’s he saying?” Brad asked me eagerly. I had forgotten they were there.

“He says I should trust you.” I spoke slowly. Brad smiled at me.

“I’ll help you Maegan. If you need anything, we are all here for you.”

“Thanks Brad.” I blushed. Aiden stared at me in shock. “What’s the matter?”

“You LIKE him!” He said in mock hurt. “What happened to ‘love you forever Aiden, no one but you Aiden’” He joked with me.

“I’ll love you forever Aiden.” I said and kissed him. But he didn’t seem so into it.

“I’m sure you will.” He smiled but it wasn’t a true smile, it looked more like a mask. It was a smile, but it was…empty and it bothered me.

“Thank god that’s over.” I said as final bell rang.

“You’re telling me, talk about pure torture.” Aiden said rolling his eyes.

“Hey um Maegan.” Brad said he was leaning against my locker.

“Hey Brad! What’s up?” I smiled at him. Brad could be come a good friend.

“Since Aiden is like a ghost and everything” I flinched “Oh sorry I didn’t mean it like that. I think it’s pretty cool. Not that he’s dead I mean that…” Brad stumbled over his words embarrassed.

“No worries I totally understand what you’re trying to say.” I smiled at him and he sighed in relief.

“Well I was wondering if it would be ok with y’know Aiden and you if I y’know maybe walked with you home?” His face turned red.

“You know Brad, I’d really like that.” I smiled at him.

“Really? Cool!” He said surprised.

“Yeah just let me grab my stuff.” I said reaching into my locker.

“Aiden doesn’t mind does he?” Brad asked nervously. “I’d feel awfully bad…”

I cocked an eyebrow at Aiden. “Well, if it’s anyone I’m glad it’s Brad.” He grumbled but I kept staring at him. “What?! I’m still human I have feelings.” I laughed at his mock hurt.

“Aiden says it’s alright.”

“Sweet dude! Fist it!” He held his fist out then started to pull it back. “Oh…umm…” I laughed.

“Let’s go.” I said and we headed out the school doors.

“Thanks for walking me home Brad.” I smiled at him as we came up to my house.

“Anytime. And it was sweet talking to you…sort of…Aiden.” He said slowly, like it didn’t make any sense.

“See you tomorrow.” I said and turned to unlock the door. Brad jumped off my porch and gave a wave as he sauntered down the sidewalk.

“He likes you.” Aiden said as we walked in the door.

“Sure he does.” I rolled my eyes.

“He does!” Aiden argued. “But he’s not going to try anything like that. He just wants to be your friend.”

“Uh-huh. And why is that?” I said as I searched the fridge for food.

“Two reasons.” Aiden began, snacking on a carrot. “One being I’m still around and I can still kick his ass. That and I also know where he lives. Good times good times.” He chuckled to himself. “And two being that you just lost the love of your life and he doesn’t want to push you when, even though I’m still here, you must be in pain. Are you in pain?’ He asked turning serious.

“Course not. You’re here why would I be?” I lied.

“Ok whatever you say but I’m going to swallow that for your sake not because I believe it.”

I was quiet for awhile, contemplating everything Aiden said. Why was he still here, I know he’d kept his promise but, he didn’t have to. I didn’t talk much for the rest of the evening and it bothered Aiden but he didn’t pry me for information. He knew I’d tell him what’s up when I was ready. One of the many reasons I had loved him.

That night I sat on my bed quietly. Legs crossed and wet hair dripping down my back.

“You know,” I started. “I’m thinking of cutting my hair. What do you think?” I asked him.

“Whatever makes you happy.” Aiden replied.

“Shoulder length?” I asked him standing in front of the mirror.

“I think it looks nice.”

I turned to face him. “Why are you still here Aiden? You don’t HAVE to keep your promise. You’re dead for crying out loud. Why aren’t you in a happier place?” My voice barely above a whisper.

“You don’t understand.” He said, matching my tone.

“Well then help me understand. You look so miserable.” I said, choking on tears. “I don’t want you miserable.”

“Do you want me to leave?” He asked me.

“Uggh.” I groaned and threw myself onto my bed. “I honestly don’t know what I want. Having you here makes me so happy that you can stay but, it makes it so hard to let go of you.” I said.

“I was bound by my promise Maegan. It’s why I can’t leave. As soon as you tell me to go I’ll cross over, until then I’m here with you.”

“Oh” I said quietly and we were silent for awhile. “Goodnight Aiden” I said and rolled over and fell asleep. Really I was just hiding. I was trying to hide everything from Aiden. I needed to think. I didn’t want Aiden to leave but he was in pain. I guess staying here causes pain. I never wanted to hurt him, and he never wanted to hurt me. Somehow, by trying not to hurt each other, we were doing it anyway.

“Aiden?’ I flipped over on the bed, not being able to put this off any longer.

“I thought you were asleep.” He said, looking out my window at the moon shining in the sky.

“I’ve been thinking.” I said guiltily.

“About?” Aiden replied, still looking out the window.

“You. Why does it look like…no, why are you in pain?” I asked him softly.

He sighed and was quiet for a while. “I thought I hid it from you. Guess not.” He turned to look at me. “My soul is being called to another place of eternal peace but I have to stay here, until you tell me to leave. Some days, the call is so strong, it just rips me apart. But I can’t leave and I won’t not until you tell me to go.” He said sadly.

“Aiden…” I began, but what could I tell him?

“Even when I leave, I’ll be able to see you, it just, well…you won’t be able to see me.”

I wanted Aiden to leave. I wanted his pain to stop. I opened my mouth to say the words but they were stuck in my throat, unable to create sound.

“One more question.” I told him.

“Last one.” He nodded.

“Do you have to be by my side every minute or can you leave for a little bit. Like…not come to school with me tomorrow, stay here.”

“Only if you tell me to.” Was his reply.

“Stay here tomorrow. Don’t come with me to school.” I said, unable to meet his eyes. I was going to stop his pain even if it killed me, which had a high possibility.

“Sleep now.” He said gently. I nodded sleepily and snuggled under the warm covers.

“Hey Mae!” Jocelyn came running up to meet me. “Hey Aiden!” She said breathlessly.

“He’s not here today.” I said flatly.

“Oh?” Jocelyn said, still trying to catch her breath.

“I told him to stay home. Have you seen Brad?” I asked quickly trying to change the subject. Jocelyn flopped her hand in the direction of the football field.


“Gotta talk to him.” I said racing off.

“Yeah, I’m fine. You go ahead.” Jocelyn murmured to her self and collapsed on the ground. “I gotta start working out.”

“Brad! Brad!” I called racing towards the bleachers where he was sitting.

“Hey Maegan!” He called waving to me.

“Hey Brad, Hope I didn’t interrupt anything.” I said.

“No, no I was just thinking.”  He answered.

“Anything I can help out with?” I asked

“Well, actually, umm yeah.” He said nervously. “I was kinda thinking about you actually.”

“Oh really?” I asked surprised. “That’s kind of funny cause I’ve been thinking about yo-

“Maegan I know you and Aiden have this happily ever after love thing going on. And I don’t want to make you angry or anything, but if Aiden was meant for you, he wouldn’t be…well….dead.” I refused to meet his eyes. “Aiden is gone Maegan and I don’t want you to get hurt even worse.” He was right. My mom and dad were already calling the psychologist, people were still looking at me strangely and my ghost boyfriend was in pain. I was on the verge of a mental breakdown, and according to some, I already had one.

“You’re right.” I said quietly.

“Maegan look I’m really sorry but- wait…did you say I’m right?” He stopped. I nodded. “Oh, ok, wow. Well, Mae, I don’t want to rush you into things you aren’t ready for but there are other people out there who like you. Who care for you as much as Aiden did, who want to be with you badly.” He took my hands and looked me straight in the eyes. “Maegan I love you.”

I threw myself at him and hugged him. “Thank god!” I said tears streaming down my face. Brad hugged me through his daze.

I pulled away and looked up at his face. “I like you to Brad, but it’s so hard to leave Aiden, I hoped you liked me to so, I could move on and let Aiden go…he’s in so much pain…” My voice trailed off. “Come home with me after school, help me say goodbye to Aiden please. I…can’t do it alone.”

“Of course I’ll be there.” He said gently, combing his fingers through my hair then gently kissing me on the top of my head. “You don’t have to do it alone.” He stood up and offered me his hand. “Class time.”

 All day I fretted over what I had to do. It was going to be hard, but I truly did love Aiden and I hated to see him in pain. I thought about the fatal day, the pain Aiden had to have gone through.

“The doctor said he didn’t die immediately, which would’ve been best. I’m so sorry he had to suffer darling. When the ambulance arrived he told us he loved you and he would keep his promise, and if he had to die, at least it was with you. You know hun, you two probably would’ve been together in the future. Oh sorry dear I’m not helping am I?” My mom had said the first night I had spent at home. Even with Aiden sitting beside me, I still felt heart broken. I had never wanted Aiden to be in pain, and now it was my fault he was.

Brad wrapped his arm around me as we walked up to my house. My parents weren’t home yet so I shakily unlocked the door. I could see Aiden watching from the bedroom window and I was unable to meet his eyes.

“Aiden! I’m home from school.” I said unwrapping Brad from my shoulders. “I need to tell you something.” I didn’t entirely let go of Brad, I kept his hand in mine.

Aiden eyed the hand holding suspiciously. “Continue”

I could feel tears coming. I squeezed Brad’s hand until my fingers ached. I could hear my heart beat in my ears.

“Aiden, I love you, I love you more then my own life. But you’re in pain and I can’t stand seeing you in pain” I paused for a moment. “You can’t leave until I tell you to. I didn’t want you to leave until I was ready to. I will always love you Aiden, forever. You will always hold a special place in my heart.” I started to choke on the words, the tears came harder now. Brad wrapped his arm securely around my shoulders. “Aiden, I want you to leave. Cross over, go. Whatever you call it. I want you to be where you should’ve been the night you died.” I saw his figure starting to ripple around the edges, like bad television reception.

“Maegan, I will always love you to.” He gently stroked my face, he was becoming more and more transparent. It was getting harder to see him. He kissed me softly one more time then disappeared forever.

“Goodbye.” I choked out. Then turned into Brad’s chest and cried.

Knowing Aiden was really gone hit me the way it should’ve had months ago. My parents relaxed because I was finally mourning, the kids at school tended to avoid me a little and Jocelyn and Brad were around to comfort me every step of the way. It was a little easier knowing I had gotten my chance to say goodbye, but it is never easy losing someone you love.

“You’ll see him again one day. And remember, he said he’d always be around.” Brad said one night while I lay face down in my pillow and soaked thoroughly with tears.

“I know, but it’s still hard. I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have you.” I said sitting up and snuggling up to him.

Brad wrapped one strong arm around me pressing me close to him. Suddenly the window opened and a great gust of air filled the room. Instead of shivering I felt warm. “I love you” The words drifted along the wind so quietly almost inaudible, just like a dream or a memory from long ago. The wind slowed down as it reached my cheek softly caressing it, and then it was gone. The night was still and the room was quiet.

“Goodbye Aiden” I whispered softly as I got up to close the window. I removed the ring he had given me that night so long ago and rested it on the window sill, The heart was glittering even in the dim light.

The moon was shining bright out side and the stars were winking at each other. As I looked into the sky I realized I would never have to be alone because somewhere I had an angel looking after me, even if I couldn’t see him.

The End

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