Ted's problem

One year later and that makes me seven years old. It was my birthday again but this time I had a very strange present... my mum said she had no idea who it was from, maybe it was from Santa she said. I had neither the time nor the patience to explain that as it was my birthday and not Christmas, and that my birthday was in July not December there was a very slim chance that it could be from the big red fat man. Anyway, the present was just in a bag, not wrapped up, no label and no card. Brilliant. I closed my eyes and put my hand in the bag, expecting some horrid practical joke to have been played on me. But nope. No such luck. It was some sort of light material, and when I pulled it out of the bag I found that it looked a lot like a towel or a cloak... in fact it looked a lot like that invisibility cloak from that stupid harry potter film. Could it be? An actual working invisibility cloak? I ran from the room with my new present, not wanting to share my new powers if they existed, and into my bedroom. Now, my bedroom is nothing special. Just your usual bed, wardrobe and TV combo, but it was MY bedroom. I went to my bed and threw the bag on it. Cloak in my hands. Dimming the lights I moved to the centre of the room, taking a breath in anticipation of the invisibility cloak working and threw it on... well, it didn’t work. My birthday dreams crushed again, just like the karaoke machine fiasco. Which I didn’t get... AGAIN! But what if? I thought to myself just then what I was going to do. Aside from getting the non functioning bit of cloth I had also gotten a science kit. So I was going to get my science kit, and make the bit of cloth work.

Now I’m no mathematician, and because of that I wouldn’t really know my phenylalanine from my bi carbonate of soda. But as I am a child and this is MY story, I’m sure I’ll get on just fine. Two hours, two dissolved tables, and four vials of random liquids later and I was still nowhere with this invisibility thing. It was then I decided to ask my friend, Michael, for advice. Michael was nine, had a dog called Bruce and lived two doors down. Ok, the dog is irrelevant but it’s cool anyway. Up in his bedroom I showed him the cloak and explained that I couldn’t make it work. He said nothing, taking in all of the information given to him. He took the bit of cloth in his hands turned it over, and flipped the on switch... THE ON SWITCH! Why didn’t I think to check for an on switch? Instantly the bit of cloth, no; the invisibility cloth, vanished instantly on his bed. Hurriedly I found it and was out of there before he even started to question the cloth, let alone its mystical powers. I mean with a cloth like this I could... I could be a SUPERHERO!  

The End

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