My Birthcity, Detroit

This is a poem about my hometown. A non rhyming poem.

This is a city where cars are born. Going down the famous Woodward ave where Dream Cruise live every summer. It's a home to classic cars from back in the day. I love how I see the beautiful tall buildings and parks that will grow. From the famous Renaissance Center with the blue GM loco on it. That is the GM headquarters. That is why it is nick named, "The Motor City".

But this city has another nick name, "Motown". The home of "Motown" is where all of our famous Motown singers and singing groups from the late 50's to present. Stevie Wonder, The Temptations, Smokey Robinson, The Supremes, and more... Hitsville U.S.A. a.k.a. Motown Records was their home studio, and they would let out this city's most famous Motown sound. Now, it is a museum where everyone can see how all of Barry Gordy's talents from all of the Motown goes to work. 

The city lights, Hockytown, home of the Red Wings, Campus Martius Park, Belle Isle Park. While the streets are so mean and dangerous, the city's most famous traffic lights, old and new. I see them everywhere. The street lights are working, but most are not. The steam comes out of the cover hole on the street. People are trying to make it and some didn't suceed. A roller ring on Alter Street called Skateland. It use to be my favorite skating playground, and Hart Plaza in the downtown area is the best festival place to go besides The Rivefront.

The people mover is a safe haven for out-of-towners to go see North American International Auto Show as well as the Winter Blast. Rather people are living in the downtown area, they can use the people mover to get to work. A great monorail system can supply all of our work and traveling all around downtown needs.

All that I can find in this city, but there is one statue that represents this great city. My birthplace has a statue called, The Spirit of Detroit.

The End

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