My biggest fear

I am interested to see what other people class as their greatest fear. feel free to wrtie however much you like.

I know we all fear different things which is natural. I fear hights and deep water and bees and wasps amoung other things. Yet i do not fear things some people do such as ghosts and darkness. I think this all links back to the fact that i dont fear death. Im a teenager and i know that natural death is a long way off but i do not fear andy sort of death. when we die we just go to a better place, to heaven thats my outlook. This should mean that i dont fear anything but i do. I am scared off faling from a great hight, i am scared of drowning in deep water, scared off bee stings, it is not the death i am scared of but the pain that would come before dying. So in summary i am scared of pain more than anything else. i was wondering what other people are scared off...

The End

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