My Best Friends Boyfriend

I've had four best friends that I remember well, Rose, Lynn, Elizabeth, and Ella. Rose was my only friend for years, and my best friend until about half way through grade nine when she got her first boyfriend and suddenly I wasn't important to her or 'cool enough for her new reputation as a girlfriend of the football team so she ditched me. Lynn I didn't know nearly as long, and I only considered her my best friend for a very short time, but she still ditched me when boys came into the picture. Ella was an exception to this new pattern thankfully, because I was the 'boy' that came into the picture, meaning that we became closer than ever instead (very thankfully as it would kill me to loose her). Now it's Elizabeth's turn, and to be honest, I'm anxious. What if the pattern comes back? I really hope it doesn't, but if it does I know that that's just the way things go. He's a nice guy, if he gets up the courage to ask her out (yes, we know he likes her fro sure) I'll be really happy for her. I just hope that I don't have to loose her. 

The End

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