The Light.

"John!" I cried, rushing to him again. The bright white light seemed to be coming from where he sat. Running around the sofa, I stood in front of him.

I fell to my knees, hand over mouth.

"Oh. God."

These where the only words I could say as I watched the light spread and grow wider, brighter. It was coming directly from John's cut, illuminating the entire room with it's pureness. As grew in size and intensity, as did the wound, becoming wider. Soon it stretched the entire length of his arm.

There was no longer any blood coming from the gash, and it seemed like a seamless, endless passage of light, like a worm hole was opening in his arm.

This is the beginning of an era. I heard the voices say in a distant part of my brain. Accept.

Gradually, the skin peeled back from John's body, and he was no longer human, but some form of alien.

"Come with me."  He said again. His voice had changed beyond recognition. It was full of volume and majesty, and I gasped at the sound of it. So smooth and silky, the sound if it rubbed against my ears like a gentle kiss. I felt so small.

As I looked up, I had to put a hand to my eyes to see. The light of his body was unbelievably bright, and so pure. I vaguely wondered if others of his species were even nearly as flawlessly perfect.

With the hand that was not shielding my eyes from blindness, I reached out.

And this is where the story really begins.

The End

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