Mysterious Guy

Though the night and the next day and for three weeks after that, I cared for John smith. I spoke to him while he slept and I brought him food and drink when he was awake. I even bought him clothes to wear and a toothbrush so that he could clean his teeth when he was sick. Which was often.

I did a lot more than any other student would do in my position. And I didn’t tell anyone about the man who lay on the bed in my room while I slept on the floor.

He didn’t speak much, and when he did, it was almost child-like, as if he had just learned how. A childs voice, using big words.

I began to notice the little things, like the way he cowered when someone knocked on the door, or the way, when I turned the television or radio on, his eyes would widen with amazement. He started to copy me; taking walks at midnight or talking to ‘himself’ out loud (I talk to the voices, not myself). When he got better, we did everything together – he even got into my college. With the highest mark the school has seen.

I hadn’t realised how ‘smart’ he was. It was like he had read every textbook in the world and more and committed it to memory.

And yet I still knew nothing about him.

The End

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