Chalk Circle

It had been a thirteen days since Mercy’s funeral, and Becka kept getting a feeling like she was being watched by an invisible presence. Whenever she asked the form to show its true form, the watchful feeling would disappear for a short while before returning. The girl discovered that the presence was more potent when little Johnny was around for Becka to babysit. Being a smart girl, Becka soon realised that Mercy’s spirit was keeping an eye on both her little brother and Becka herself.
When she had found a moment to be alone in her attic, Becka drew a circle of white chalk around her and sat in it cross-legged.
Closing her eyes and taking three deep, slow breaths, Becka let her own spirit slowly leave her body and drift around the room, making sure to stay inside the large chalk circle.
“Mercy,” She whispered.
“Boo,” A voice said right next to Becka’s ear.
Becka’s spirit rushed back into her body and she opened her eyes with a gasp.
“Holy crap, Mercy!”

The End

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