My Best Friend Is A Ghost

Sixteen-year-old Mercy died, leaving paranormal-fanatic seventeen-year-old Becka sad and lonely in a world that just doesn't get her. But what happens when Mercy comes back to ghost-form? And what havoc does Mercy cause when she tags along with Becka babysitting at the school's 'popular guy's' house?

Becka couldn't help but cry silently as she watched her best friend's coffin being lowered into the ground. She felt the ghostly presence of her paternal Grandfather rest his hand on her shoulder.

"Why her, Nampa?" She murmured, making sure that no-one alive heard her.

He smiled down softly at her, "Something’s were just meant to be, child. She's at peace now."

Becka nodded, and wiped away her tears with a handkerchief, "I'll miss her."

Her mother looked at her, "We all will, baby. We all will."

A little figure sprinted to Becka and buried his head into her legs, "Why is ever'one cwyin', Beck Beck?"

Becka leant down and picked Mercy's four-year-old brother up, clutching him to her.

"Mummy said Mer Mer is in a really nice place with howses and sunshine. So why is people cryin'?"

The End

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