The CallMature

An introduction to a story that will probably never be written. I have loads of story ideas, but no idea where to go with them. If I think of anywhere to go with this I will of course add pages.

I called my best friend today. When he answered the phone and heard my voice I heard him stifle a little cry. Baby. Every word he said trembled with fear. He asked me what I wanted, why I was calling, and other questions too long to repeat. He asked every question so damn fast he didn’t take a breath until he finished every single one. I didn’t answer any of those questions; I was too busy listening to the pleasant sound of fear that was dripping out of his voice. Then my friend asked one question that actually caused me to think. He asked if I was going to kill him. I listened to his terrified breathing over the phone for a moment and then answered. I don’t know, I said, but I’m sure as hell going to try. And I hung up.

All of that happened 2 years ago. But before I returned home to see my whole life shattered, before I started to plot my revenge, before any of this I went out to eat with my best friend, Kirk.

The End

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