New Quarters and the starsMature

Crystal turned in the bed. She felt deliriously content and snugly for some weird reason. She could tell by the aroma of the room that she was not in the Slytherins dorms … or her private rooms for that matter! That’s when the memories of the day before washed over her. She was too happy and thankful to move. Her arm flexed out over the mattress and came into contact with … nothing. She leaned up and frowned at the empty bed. She knew for a fact that Belle was not a morning person so where was she this early in the day? Groaning lightly she leant up further, drawing her knees up to her chest and rubbing the sleep from her eyes. She took several deep breaths debating on whether to get out of bed or stay there. She relaxed back against the pillows deciding to stay in bed a little longer. Her eyes scanned the room. It was bathed in a soft lilac colouring, with piles of books stashed in bookcases, under the bed, beside chairs, a sturdy wardrobe in the corner along with a dresser and desk (also piled with books), an empty bird cage was nestled on the chair beneath the desk, and centred in the room was a gorgeous shag rug. Crystal smiled to herself. From the living room outside she could here soft voices.

‘I said let her sleep, what don’t you two understand?’ hissed a soft voice evidently Belle’s. Crystal smiled.

‘Why are you being so protective, Arabelle?’ Severus teased. Crystal frowned at the name he used to address Belle. No one had ever called her that before…not to her knowledge anyway.

‘Don’t call her that’ Remus hissed quietly in warning. Crystal stifled a chuckle.

The sound of a chair scraping back was heard and soft footsteps drawing closer ‘I said, leave…her…alone’ came belle’s deadly soft voice.

Severus sighed ‘fine, come on Remmie lets go to Hogsmeade’

‘Alright Sev, Belle be back up here for dinner by half seven, okay?’

‘Of course father’

Remus was silent ‘don’t call me father, makes me sound so old’ he laughed.

‘Go and have fun I’ll see you guys later’


Belle watched in amusement, as Severus dragged her dad out of their quarters, before turning on her heel and walking up to her bedroom door. She nudged the door open slightly and peered inside. ‘It’s about time you came back, I was getting bored’ Belle jumped at the voice and walked inside with a smile on her face.

‘Morning darling’ she smiled gently as she sat on the edge of her bed.

‘Darling… what’s with the darling?’ Crystal cocked an eyebrow.

Belle shrugged ‘felt like calling you darling… got a problem?’

‘Not at all my love’ Belle couldn’t help but feel slightly giddy as Crystal pressed a tender to kiss to her lips. She blushed when she felt Crystal’s long fingers curve around her ear as she stroked stray strands of hair out of Belle’s bewitching emerald eyes. Crystal looked deeply within Belle’s eyes feeling her stomach flip at how beautiful they were. ‘I love your eyes’ she breathed pressing their cheeks together.

‘I love your everything’ Belle murmured unsure of what to say, her voice seemed to get tangled in her throat. Crystal’s arms wrapped around Belle’s chest and pulled her over onto her lap, her lips nuzzling the Gryffindor’s neck. ‘Since when did you become affectionate?’

‘Since I spent the night with a goody-goody Gryffindor’ Crystal growled in reply nipping at Belle’s neck while falling back onto the bed, Belle landing on top of her with a squeak. Crystal chuckled lightly and wrapped her arms tighter around the Gryffindor. ‘So goody-goody Gryffindor, what’s for breakfast?’

‘Well there’s toast, cereal, porridge uh…’


‘No’ Belle smacked Crystal’s leg lightly at the suggestion. Crystal hissed at the smack. ‘Are you okay?’ Belle asked automatically, concern in her eyes.

‘I’m fine’ Crystal assured her eyes glinting strangely.


‘Do it again’

‘Do what?’

‘Smack me!’

‘You’re sick’

‘Just do it’

‘Pfft no’



Crystal huffed and fell back against the pillows arms folded against her chest; stubbornly ‘you’re mean’

‘Alright then if I’m so mean to you I’ll leave’ and being the cruel werewolf that she apparently was, she turned and left the bedroom, leaving a very whiny veela in her wake.


Remus had somehow managed to drag Severus to every shelf in Honeydukes. How this was evident was that at exactly midday the pair bounced into the great hall. Or rather Remus did the bouncing Severus slouched in with what looked like a barrel-load of sweets in his arms. ‘Come on Sev let’s share our sweeties with the students!’ Remus exclaimed. Severus glared at his from behind the sweet pile, there was no way in Hell he just spent over fifty galleons to feed this greedy bunch of toffee nosed kids. At the cheers from the students’ Remus merely laughed lightly ‘SYKES, YOU LOT ARE’T GETTING ANY!’ the students’ groaned and returned to their food. ‘Come on Sev’ Severus groaned as he turned on his heel in a lame fashion and followed Remus back up to their quarters. When Remus opened the door and let Severus walk in front of him he smiled eyeing the mountain of chocolate they’d, or rather Sev, had bought. After dumping the chocolate on the kitchen table Remus called, ‘BELLE!’ No answer. ‘BELLE!’ there was still no answer. Remus sighed. Soon voices were heard in the bedroom.

‘Crissi please just let go of me!’

‘After what you did to me in the shower I don’t think so!’

‘I said I was sorry like a million times will you please just let me go?’

‘And what is my reply?’


‘Nice try’











Remus paled and turned to look at Snape who looked like he was going to faint. “ARABELLE ANTOINETTE LESTRANGE GET OUT HERE RIGHT NOW!!!’

Belle’s head poked around the door. She looked mussed up like she’d been rolling around or something. ‘What?’

‘What. Were. You. Two. Doing?’ Remus asked trying not to yell.

Belle blinked confused as to why her father and Severus looked so…faint. She sighed ‘to which part of the argument are you referring to?’ Belle asked as a door closed behind her. Crystal came and stood next to her, wrapping an arm around her waist.

‘Let’s start with the shower’

Belle rolled her eyes ‘Crissi was taking a shower and I…accidentally…’

‘It was so not an accident’

Belle swatted her upside the head ‘I accidentally switched the water from hot to ice-cold’

‘How could that have been an accident?’ Crystal rounded onto Belle.

Belle shrugged ‘my hand slipped’

‘In a circle?’

‘What can I say? I have the power to annoy and I abuse it’

‘And what about the getting “something” out of Crystals mouth?’

Belle shifted awkwardly avoiding her father’s eye ‘she…um…she tried to tell me she didn’t like bumble-bee bon-bon’s and I told her she didn’t know until she tried. Then she ate all of them and I tricked her into eating a liquorice flavoured one’

Remus nodded his head slowly, his eyes never leaving Belle’s face, clearly watching in case she slipped up. ‘And about he trouser?’



Belle winced at the name ‘she just…’ belle sighed ‘she wouldn’t give me the keys to my trunk and she shoved them down her pants’

‘So why did you have to get it out?’

‘Coz I shoved her and it jabbed into her stomach, so she pinned me down and we started fighting’

The two men decided too shut accept the slightly odd yet freakishly believable story and allowed the girls’ to return to their room. As soon as the door closed Crystal threw a silencing charm behind Belle and pinned her to the door, their lips crushed together ‘smooth, Bee’

Belle giggled ‘I learn from the best’




AFTER DINNER WOULD CRYSTAL ZABINI AND ARABELLE LESTRANGE PLEASE COME TO MY OFFICE!’ came the headmaster’s voice halfway through dinner. Belle groaned bowing her head to the table. Why did everyone insist on using her full name, it drove her crazy! Meanwhile across the great hall Crystal frowned. What was it with people calling her mate “Arabelle”? It was like everyone knew something she didn’t. After dinner both girls’ in question ventured up to Dumbledore’s office. Belle was in one of her moods and it didn’t take Crystal long enough to find out why. As soon as they entered Dumbledore’s office the werewolf leapt onto Dumbledore’s desk, grabbed the front of his robes and pulled him towards her livid features.


‘Calm down miss Lestrange we will discuss those matter’s later’

‘What matters?’ Crystal asked.

‘Doesn’t matter’ Belle mumbled meekly.

Crystal was about to say something but Dumbledore cut across her ‘due to your special circumstances, I would like to award you girls’ the special privilege of having your very own private quarters’

‘Why?’ they chorused. Dumbledore gave them a “you-can’t-be-serious?” look. ‘Oh’ they both blushed.

‘Your rooms are located on the sixth floor behind the portrait of the fairies. You may go now’ the girls’ stood to leave ‘except you miss Lestrange, you and I need to have a little talk’

‘I’m not going without Belle’ Crystal insisted grabbing Belle’s wrist.

‘I’m afraid you must miss Zabini’




‘CRYSTAL PLEASE!’ Belle swallowed at the hurt confused look in Crystal’s eyes ‘I’ll be fine’ Crystal did not look convinced ‘I promise’

‘I’ll wait outside then, that’s the best offer you’re going to get out of me’ and that’s exactly what Crystal did.


‘I hate having to be cruel and secretive to her’ Belle admitted to herself.

‘Of course you do’ she turned back to Dumbledore ‘you love her, and you’re afraid the truth would upset her’

Belle bowed her head and shifted ‘she would leave me if she knew’

‘You don’t that’

‘Yes I do! She always does’

Dumbledore eyed Belle over her desk ‘she wouldn’t think any less of you’

Belle began to cry ‘Albus for once in my life don’t tell me what I should or should not think I’m sixteen goddamnit!’ Belle began to shake ‘I…I can’t tell her…’

‘Can’t tell me what?’ Belle’s head jerked up to see Crystal leaning in the doorway. She shifted awkwardly under Crystal’s gaze. ‘Bee you can tell me’

‘Um…well you know the last time we were together?’


‘And then you broke up with me?’


‘And then I wouldn’t speak to you for the whole summer?’

‘Yes, that was a piss take’ Crystal stated he eyes never wavering from Belle’s ‘just tell me what the hells going on!’

‘Miss Zabini please refrain from getting worked up’ Dumbledore interjected softly yet firmly. He turned to Belle ‘just tell her’

Belle turned away from Crystal and Dumbledore, her shoulders hunched as she gazed into the fire ‘I…I want you to meet someone’ she said at last.


‘You’ll see’ Belle stuffed her hands into her robes ‘meet me by the carriages at ten o’clock tonight’

‘Belle, why can’t you just tell me?’

‘I’m…I’m afraid’

‘Of what?’

‘What you’ll do’

‘How are you so sure that I’ll do something bad to you?’

‘Let’s just say, … “I know you too well”’


10:00pm carriages…


Crystal ran quickly to the carriages. The platform was dimly lit and the sky as black as her own hair. She sighed deeply as she climbed into a carriage after Belle, still refusing to breathe a word about where they were going and whom they were going to see. They sat side-by-side as the carriage jilted over the bumpy road. Crystal looked at belle and frowned. The younger girl was staring at her through those wide emerald eyes. They shone like the stars in the sky. They were beautiful. ‘Belle-?’

‘We’re here’ Belle slid out of the carriage and waited patiently for crystal to join her. Crystal didn’t say anything as she followed Belle across Hogsmeade and towards the small rows of cottages that lined the outskirts. On the seventh cottage on the left Belle walked through the front garden and in through the front door, Crystal followed and a cautionary speed. ‘I’m home, love’ Crystal’s heart jerked at the word “love”. She glanced angrily at Belle who walked into the living room. ‘There you are, are hope they weren’t any trouble’

‘Of course not’ came a smooth male voice ‘just trying to be helpful’


Crystal looked into the room and felt her jaw drop ‘B-Blaise?’

‘Hello sis’ he hugged her briefly ‘finally comes to see your kids eh?’


‘Oh you…haven’t told her?’

‘Go’ Blaise left as quickly as he could ‘Crissi this is your son and daughter’

‘How come Blaise knew?’ Crystal spat. How dare Belle tell her twin brother before she tell her.

‘He only found out yesterday’ Belle sniffed 'and I asked him to look after the children tonight since I knew I was going to have to tell you'

‘Is that why you told me today?’

‘No, but … I guess it helped a little’

‘Is this why you thought I was going to hate you?' Belle nodded weakly as she rocked the little girl in her arms. Crystal sat down next to Belle and lifted the sleeping boy into her own arms and cradled him. 'I don't see why you didn't tell me'

'You didn't love me then and you don't love me now'

'I did Love you then and I do love you now ... just-'

'Not as much as I'd want you to'

'I ... yeah'

'It's okay'

'No it isn't, and on top of that you went through labour and everything ... alone?'

'I had no choice'

'I'm so sorry'

'It's okay ... I've already forgiven you' Crystal looked down into Belle's eyes and could tell with just that one look, that the Gryffindor had never been more honest in her entire life.

The End

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