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‘HARDER … HARDER … F-FUCK!’ Severus smirked down at the man beneath him and kissed his sweaty forehead. Their muscled bodies were hot and sweaty from their “work-out” for the past hour and a half. Severus pulled his shoulder length black hair away from his face and felt his lover roll onto his side to face him, as he stared up at the ceiling.

‘Did you enjoy that Remmie?’ Severus asked as the werewolf combed his black hair aside and kissed his nose.

‘Yes that was … amazing’ the werewolf nuzzled Severus’ neck affectionately. They wrapped their arms around each other and shared several slow kisses before Remus’ watch chimed softly indicating that it was seven o’clock. ‘Mmm I need to go’

‘So soon?’

‘I need to give my girl her life-talk’

‘Ah yes and I need to give my goddaughter her potion’

‘You’d think they’d just accept it wouldn’t you?’ Remus grumbled lightly as he stood up and slid into his trousers fumbling hopelessly with the zip. Severus shook his head and stood up in front of Remus and grabbed hold of his zip and zipped him up. For extra measure the potion’s master flexed his fingers over his lover’s bulge teasingly and squeezing his erection. He smirked hearing the werewolf’s breath hitched.

‘Good boy’ Severus kissed his lips ‘now go and have a cosy night with your little one’

‘You can stop by later with your goddaughter because I have a feeling they will both miss dinner’

‘Yes you are probably right, say nine-ish?’

‘Perfect’ Remus allowed his amber eyes to roam over Snape’s well-toned body for a few seconds before leaving the bedroom. Snape returned to his own strewn clothes and shrugged them on before grabbing a vial of peachy red liquid and left towards the private rooms of his goddaughter.


‘B-e-e?’ Remus called out peering round the door to his quarters. ‘Bee?’

‘What?’ his attention was drawn to the teenager pacing, a book in one hand a bar of chocolate in the other.

Remus outstretched his arms by his sides ‘what I don’t get a hug anymore?’

‘Sorry’ Belle smiled setting her book and chocolate down on an armchair before bouncing up into his arms wrapping her legs around his waist and pressing a childish kiss to his nose ‘missed you Remmie’

He set her down and extracted a small letter from his pocket ‘your mother has written to me’

‘Ooh Gimme’ she aimed to grab it but he held it out of reach above her head. ‘HEY!’ she protested as Remus lifted her up and seated her on his lap and then he handed her the letter. She ripped it open and read it through. Her shoulder’s slumped and she shuddered against his chest.

‘What’s wrong?’

‘S-she … she …’ Belle swallowed ‘she told me who my father really was’

‘I thought that was obvious, Rodolphus is wonderful to you’

‘She says he isn’t my father … she said … it was … you’

A stunned silence passed before Remus spoke up ‘are you mad at me little one?’ Belle didn’t respond she merely sat on the edge of the armchair looking sternly into the fireplace. ‘Belle? Are you mad at me?’

She shook her head and released the breath she hadn’t known she’d been holding. ‘No, I’m not mad, I’m actually pretty happy because at least I have one of my parents always with me’ she leant into his embrace and closed her eyes, wincing slightly ‘Remmie my eyes hurt’

‘Close your eyes for a little bit, pup, Sev is popping in for a visit later I’ll wake you then’


Remus watched as Belle curled up on the run before him, like a puppy, and closed her eyes against the glare of the fire.




‘Come in!’ Crystal called from the place on her bed where she was currently flicking through old textbooks trying to satisfy her boredom. ‘Hello Uncle Sev to what do I owe this pleasure?’

‘I have the potion for you’

‘Already?’ Crystal sulked childishly.


Crystal eyed the vial as if it was a jarful of poison and then sighed extending a hand towards it ‘alright’ Snape handed her the vial and watched as she drained it. She hissed sharply her fingers pressed to her temples. ‘Fuck!’ she gasped before forcing her eyelids open ‘everything’s gone dim’

‘Well it works’ Snape announced satisfied.

‘No shit’

‘No come on we’ll be late’

‘Where are we going?’


‘This is how I spend my Thursday evenings, visiting your fuck-buddy?’ Snape swatted her on the back of her head ‘ow!’

‘For your information Remus and I are engaged so I suggest you shut it’ they arrived outside Remus’ quarters a few minutes later the entrance was guarded by a portrait of a pixie. The pixie had pale magenta shaded skin and dark blue almost black hair.

‘Password?’ she asked her voice ringing out chillingly.

‘Unseen in the sun’ the pixie cocked an eyebrow with a smirk and slid open to accept them.

‘Sevvie about time you came’ Remus hugged his lover, raking his fingers through his silken black hair ‘Mmm missed you’ he growled. A low gagging sound broke them apart ‘Hello Crystal, taken the potion?’ Crystal nodded ‘And?’

‘It’s all black’ she shrugged before looking around ‘you alone?’

‘No, no Belle’s around here somewhere’

‘Can I go find her?’

‘Hmm?’ Remus was getting overly distracted by his lover ‘Oh no she’ll appear when she wants to’

‘Mmm why are people being loud, Remmie?’ came a soft whimper from an offside door. All occupants in the room turned to Belle standing in the doorway hair messed up all over her porcelain features. She wore a loose pair of spider-web print trousers, stripy socks, and a tight strap shirt with “you know you want me to bite you” scrawled across her chest in slinky white writing. Crystal stared at Belle in awe. Not because of how she looked but because of what was around her, a soft silvery white aura dance around Belle’s thin body. Belle bowed her head ‘good evening Professor Snape’

‘Belle I have told you, you can call me Severus’

Belle blushed and smiled shyly ‘okay…S-Severus’

‘Belle where were you all afternoon?’ Crystal asked her eyes wide.

Belle frowned at the weird look on Crystal’s face ‘I was … walking’

‘But … it was raining!’

‘I like walking in the rain’

‘Hey Bee, why don’t you show Crystal your room’ Remus asked jerking his head towards the door Belle had just come out of.

Belle crossed her arms across her chest ‘you trying to get rid of me, eh?’

‘There’s chocolate in the jar’ Remus coaxed.

Crystal watched as Belle turned her head and looked at the small jar on the mantelpiece ‘resorting to bribery now, Moony?’

‘Is it working?’

Belle shifted from foot to foot a grin crossing her lips ‘a little’ she strode over, to out to bars of chocolate and threw one to Crystal. Thank goodness for her seeker reflexes, as she caught it with a grin. Belle smiled at her before leading her into her bedroom. Remus turned to Severus and wrapped his arms around the potions master’s’ neck ‘now I have you all to myself’

‘And what do you want me to do with my time?’ Severus asked his hands roaming down to Remus’ arse. He smacked it gently earning a startled growl from said werewolf.

‘Spank me, I’ve been naughty professor really, really naughty! I NEED TO BE PUNISHED!!!’


‘Wow your room is really … big’ that was all Crystal could think of saying as Belle closed the door behind them and cast a charm on it so that they wouldn’t have to listen to their godfather’s “getting it on”.

‘Thanks’ Belle walked over and nestled comfortably on her bed ‘come over here and sit down and stop looking like a lost kitten’

Crystal narrowed her eyes slightly ‘but I am a kitten’ she announced transforming into her animagus form; a sleek black kitten, well cat really but she preferred the term kitten … it was cuter.

‘Aw come here kitty’ Belle giggled as the cat pounced onto her lap and curled up beside her stomach, it’s warm head rubbing against her navel. She giggled again stroking the kitten’s hair ‘you are so beautiful in or out of animagus form’ she whispered nuzzling her nose into the warm black fur. The kitten purred before hopping back off the bed and transforming back into the Slytherin Queen.

‘You think I’m beautiful?’ she asked leaning over Belle’s bed, arms resting either side of the Gryffindor’s head. ‘Hm?’

The sudden position cause Belle’s eyes to widen ‘y-yes’

Crystal smiled and stroked a hand down Belle’s smooth cheek ‘why do you sound scared of me? Are you scared of me?’


‘Hmm’ Crystal did not look convinced as she leant down closer to Belle’s lips ‘good. I don’t want you to be scared of me’ she breathed softly their lips ghosting across one another.

‘Then what do you want me to be?’ Belle’s voice, although a mere whisper, was raising a few octaves.

‘Close enough to kiss’ breathed the Slytherin as she captured Belle’s lips in a tender kiss.

‘By the way d-did you find your mate?’ Belle asked slightly breathless as she pressed her lips to Crystal’s neck. The veela hissed softly before pulling Belle over and into her lap her bright blue eyes trained on the young werewolf in front of her.

‘Yes I did’


‘It’s you Bee’ Belle felt her heart take flight as she sank back down beneath the pillows on her bed ‘Bee?’ Crystal slid further up the bed and took hold of Belle’s cool hand, entwining their fingers together. The Gryffindor didn’t respond. ‘Belle?’

Belle was silent for a little while longer before turning her head to face Crystal ‘what do I look like?’ she asked softly.


‘How does the potion make me look?’

‘It doesn’t make you look any different except…’ Crystal shifted closer to the younger girl and ran her index finger down the middle of her nose ‘…you have a glowing aura about you, soft and silvery, like the moon’ at the sound of the moon Belle shuddered. Crystal smiled sweetly and wrapped her arms around the Gryffindor. She then pulled the blanket up over their shoulder and rocked the Gryffindor who was now in her lap ‘can I sleep over?’

‘Sure … uh … you don’t mid sleeping in the same bed do you?’

Crystal actually laughed at the question, making Belle look hurt ‘well we’ll have to eventually, darling’

‘I … forgot’ Belle finished lamely before sliding into her bed and held back the covers for Crystal to slide in.

Crystal removed her jeans and jumper and slid in beside Belle. She turned on her side and faced Belle. She smiled as the Gryffindor had already closed her eyes to go to sleep. She smiled and pressed a kiss to the Gryffindor’s forehead and wrapped her arms around said girls’ lithe waist and drew her closer. She felt so thin against her body. And cold. She combed her fingers through the younger girls’ tousles hair and hugged the blankets tighter around their bodies attempting to radiate some warmth into the younger girl.

‘Sleep tight me little bumble-bee’

Belle crooned into the soft husky voice that was surfing through her dreams. It was hypnotic. It was mesmerising. It was … hers.

The End

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