My Beloved VeelaMature

(Harry Potter themed) Crystal is a veela. Belle is a werewolf. Who are their mates? Will they bond in time to defeat the dark lord? Will he use their bonds to decieve them? Read and find out!

Chapter one: Nighttime walks

It was tiresome being back at Hogwarts. They had so much homework already. It was shortly before curfew on a Wednesday evening that anyone who was looking out of their windows would see Madame Pomphrey and a small Gryffindor bathed in the silvery moonlight. They were heading towards the Whomping Willow.

‘Okay dear not much time, did you take the potion’ no answer ‘Belle?’

Said Gryffindor looked away from the small glimmer of moonlight rising above the mountains. Her eyes shimmered in the twilight as she slowly slid within the twisted roots of the aggressive tree. The hovel smelled strongly of overly fresh earth as she quickly removed her clothes. Out shot her garments, which Poppy gathered and folded neatly into a small pile. The moonlight slid within the dark tunnel, as soon as it began to caress Belle’s thin body she felt her blood begin to stir. Her skin seemed to crawl and shred away monstrously revealing a fluffy grey she-wolf. She let out a small whine letting Poppy know she was okay before waiting a few minutes for said Mediwitch to get at a safe distance before she climb out. Poppy couldn’t help but smile when she saw the small she-wolf climb out of the hovel, the moon reflecting on her pale coat. The she-wolf bowed her head over the lake before raising her muzzle to the moon and howling softly.


Up in the Owlery if you happened to be there, you would have seen a certain Slytherin prefect perched on a high windowsill staring out across the grounds. It wasn’t long before she saw a small pale grey wolf chasing childishly round with a small impish brownie. She tilted her head and frowned at the grey wolf. She leaned back and rested her head against the cool bricks of the Owlery window. She heaved a low sigh her breath rising in a cloud of mist before her eyes. It was the eighteenth of September. She had come into her inheritance mere days ago and it was a bloody painful experience, one that she hoped never to endure in a hurry. Now there was a more pressing matter at hand. Finding her mate. Although she had scented her mate close-by she couldn’t quite put her finger on who it was. It was so confusing and annoying! She ran a hand through her ebony hair trying to think. Could she really ever be that committed to another person for the rest of her life? Would she be able to depend on someone and be able to reciprocate that trust and loyalty? Her thoughts were interrupted by a playful howl. The wolf snapped its jaws overhead at the flurry of bats that flew low on the edge of the forbidden forest. This display caused a small smile to crawl onto the Slytherin’s lips. The wolf howled again. She shook her head and descended the spiral staircase down to the frozen path and made her way back to the castle, being careful to avoid the werewolf rolling around and pawing the swishing branches of the Whomping willow.

Belle awoke like last month. In the flawless cleanly kept hospital wing, with a loud pained groan. Her sides felt like they had split, been stitched and split again. Her head was spinning as she swung her legs over the side of the bed and proceeded to get dressed in the clean clothes Poppy kept for her. She straightened and tidied herself up and thanked Merlin it was a Saturday so she needn’t worry about any lessons. As she was straightening up in front of the thin mirror Poppy bustled in and looked taken aback with Belle already up. She paused slightly watching as the werewolf adjusted the hem of the black and white skull tight hoodie she now wore with the tight fit black skinny jeans and the big goofy bunny slippers.

‘Your fastest recovery yet, m’dear’

‘Don’t worry Poppy it won’t happen again’ Belle grinned up at the mediwitch with admiration.

‘Off you go sweetie I’ll see you next month’

‘Reserve my bed for me, will you Poppy?’ Belle called back jokingly.

‘No promises’ Poppy smiled as she ushered the little girl out of the infirmary.


Belle waved over her shoulder at the sweet nurse and proceeded towards the entrance hall. If she were lucky, she would get back into bed without disturbing anyone and have a nice kip. It wasn’t long before the pains kicked in though and she changed course away from the entrance hall. Her legs screamed in agony as she walked out onto the grounds. She decided there and then to give Hogsmeade a miss. There was no way she could deal with that right now. It was too painful to even breathe!

Maybe a little walk in the forest will clear my head and stretch my legs she thought as she turned away from the silky black lake and made her way towards the forbidden forest. She was just entering the forest when a figure emerged from behind a low beech tree.

‘Walking alone in the forest? Bit risky isn’t it?’

The voice sounded familiar but Belle was too tired to care. ‘Look either hex me, give me a detention, walk with me, or go away’

Without a second glance she continued into the forest and it wasn’t long before she heard the rustling of leaves beside her as whoever it was decided to walk with her in the shade of the trees.


The silence seemed infinite until her companion started talking.

‘Why aren’t you going to Hogsmeade?’

Belle shrugged studying the broken twigs they walked over ‘don’t fancy it much’

‘Why not?’

‘I’m too tired’


‘What is this, a Spanish expedition?’ Belle snapped irritably.

‘Sorry’ her companion drawled not sounding sorry at all. They continued to walk in silence until they came to a clearing with long grass, which Belle collapsed into, sighing happily at being off her feet, the sunlight streaming in through the branches onto her pale face. ‘You sound as thought you haven’t relaxed in a while’ came her companions voice from above her.

she couldn’t help but smile and as she toyed with some long grass before saying ‘so, Zabini, what do you need this time?’ her voice rang out politely as she wriggled her head into the Slytherin’s lap.

‘I need your help’

‘On what?’

‘Finding my mate’

‘How do you know you haven’t found them yet?’

‘That was a good question. Crystal didn’t know. Belle sat up slightly bracing herself up on her arms. Her hand came into contact with Crystal’s through the long grass and that’s when it happened! Crystal’s sapphire blue eyes widened with adrenaline. Blood roared in her ears and her body quivered with a sharp stab of lust. She inhaled the faint scent of her mate through the forest musk. She closed her eyes and leant down towards Belle who was shrinking down into the grass, looking slightly frightened. Crystal’s lips came into contact with her own. Her tense body cried out for passion. Her eyes were wide with a mixture of desire and fright. Eventually she gave into the veela charms pulsing through the still end-of-summer air. Crystal’s lips tasted heavenly as she sucked on the soft skin, willing to be drawn in more. Crystal’s hand snaked around her waist through the grass and lifted her body up against hers, the contact blinding them with lust as they kiss deepened aggressively. Crystal pulled away reluctantly letting Belle pant slowly and stare dreamily up at her.


‘I’m sorry’

‘Don’t be’ this time is was Belle who pulled Crystal down into a kiss that would shame the very flames of Hell. Her cool fingers sent shivers coursing through Crystal’s body as the Gryffindor caressed her stomach. Crystal slid her warm hands up through Belle’s thin jumper, stroking at the smooth skin, earning the girl beneath her to whimper. ‘I guess you just found your mate’

‘How do I know you’re my mate?’

Belle shrugged ‘it doesn’t matter if I’m not, you know, even veela’s make mistakes’

‘Yeah but-’ Crystal didn’t know what to say. Belle was so sweet; she didn’t want to hurt her. ‘But what if I wanted you to be my mate?’

Belle merely shrugged ‘we can’t control who our mates are, it is simply picked out for us, like the questions in a surprise quiz from Snape’

Crystal smiled at the light humour ‘I don’t want to hurt you’ she fought the urge to kiss the girl beneath her as she as she stroked stray strands of hair away from Belle’s face.

Another shrug ‘don’t worry you haven’t’

‘But I feel as though I have’

‘You haven’t honest’ Belle insisted with a small smile before standing up and circling the clearing at a steady pace ‘you’re so gorgeous, charming and talented, whoever your mate is will be lucky to have you’

‘Crystal’s head snapped up towards the Gryffindor ‘you think I’m gorgeous?’

‘Of course’ Belle said simply studying a bunch of wild violets growing in the shade ‘you have the voice of an angel, sift skin, and the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen’

‘So…how would I go about finding my mate?’ Crystal asked even though she was almost positive that it was Belle. However peculiar said girl was.

‘There’s no one way to tell, ask Snape or Lupin they’ll have the answer’

‘Oh, okay I think I’ll go now’ Belle just nodded feebly as Crystal stood up, brushed herself down and went to walk away. Before she reached the edge of the circle of trees surrounding them she turned back and asked ‘so you’re a werewolf right?’


‘Have you found your mate yet?’

Belle grinned a blush creeping up her neck as she nodded. That’s when Crystal added another point to the “countless things I think are cute about Belle” list; she’s cute when she blushes. ‘Yes I think I have’

‘And? Who is it?’

‘Uh…let’s just say she didn’t want to hear it’


‘Yeah I … uh … think she’s coming around now’

‘Okay I’ll … uh … see you around?’

‘Sure thing’ and with that Crystal left Belle alone in the clearing. Once Belle was sure she was alone again she sighed softly ‘yeah you’re definitely coming around’


Crystal entered the castle and immediately made her way towards Lupin’s office on the third floor, as she knew that Snape, her godfather, was currently screaming at Dumbledore over something or other. She knocked on his door and waited before she got permission to come inside. Once inside, she went up the stairs to Lupin’s office and went inside. The aging man was perched on his desk ion his usual shabby clothes his hair sticking up in all direction while reading a small dainty piece of parchment over his lap. He looked up when she cleared her throat. ‘Ah hello Crystal, and to what do I owe this pleasure?’

‘Sir I need your help’

‘With what?’

‘I think I just found my mate’ she rushed.

‘’Really … who?’ Lupin asked casually gesturing towards a vacant chair in front of him. Crystal accepted the chair and collapsed into it, her heart still racing from the kisses she had shared with Belle.

‘I … think it might be … Belle’


‘Yes, that’s the one’


‘Hmmm what?’

‘You do realise, if that is the case, that you will need to make a very big decision’


‘She’s a werewolf, Crystal, a little loose werewolf’ Lupin emphasised on every word he sounded.

‘I gathered that’

‘Have you had any feeling for her before?’

‘I might’ve’

‘Crystal this is important’ Lupin ground his teeth together his eyes ablaze.

‘Fine, yes okay, yes I have’


‘And what?’

‘What about her?’

‘I don’t know’ Crystal shrugged ‘she was getting touchy feely around me last week, since the holidays ended actually, and there are rumours that she’s liked me for a good few years’

‘Has she found her mate yet?’

‘She told me her mate didn’t want to hear it but now her mind’s being changed or something’

‘Doesn’t that ring a bell with you?’

Crystal’s eyes widened slightly before she licked her lips and asked ‘sir, how do I know for certain that she really is my mate?’

‘There is a way’


‘A potion, if brewed correctly the consumer will see everyone with a black aura’

‘Like a dog?’

‘In a sense’ Lupin cleared his dry throat before continuing ‘and if your mate is in fact in this school, then their aura will show up as a silvery-white’

‘We’ll need Snape for this won’t we?’

‘Yes we most certainly will. I’ll owl him this afternoon, in the meantime, go out and enjoy yourself and stop worrying so much’ with a quick smile from Lupin, Crystal was gone finally feeling as though a weight had been lifted from her shoulders. As soon as his door closed Lupin threw some floo powder into his grate. Almost at once Severus answered his call.



‘Any chance you can whip up an appearance potion?’

‘Of course, I had to do it for you, remember?’

‘Yes, yes you did’ Lupin smiled at the memory ‘what time will it be ready?’

‘Half eight the latest’


‘Who’s it for anyway?’

‘Your goddaughter’

That settled matters as Lupin watched Snape rush away getting his equipment ready for the potion. Lupin grinned at how Snape looked. That’s when his mind returned to the letter he had been reading before Crystal had come in.


I don’t know what I’m going to do. My eyes are clouding over again! They hurt Remmie; Poppy told me it has to do with not bonding with my mate! Ugh, I think I’ll go to sleep and see if y eyes are better when I wake up. I’ll drop by and visit you tonight okay?

Love Bee

Lupin pinched the bridge of his nose. At least they were denting the situation with Belle’s mate. Her eyesight though was another problem. It was her werewolf blood beginning to malfunction to the daylight. She needed to bond as soon as possible. For now they simple gave her various potions and spells to help with it. He sighed heavily looking out of the window. The grey clouds were drawing closer. Belle should be climbing up to the Gryffindor tower by now. His amber eyes brimmed with tears as he thought about Belle … his little girl.

The End

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