My Beloved

True love that never dies...until the end of time..

My Beloved

For a moment, I thought, I could forget you,
For a moment, I thought, I could feel the restlessness in my heart,
I thought...the past, could no longer haunt me, nor hurt me!
How wrong I was!

For the past, still lingering on my mind and heart,
For the past, surrounds me day and night,
For the past, still vivid in my dreams,
How can I forget you? My beloved!

The lovable smile on your face,
The gentle caress of your embrace,
The soft touch of your fingers,
The tenderness of your body.

Your love chained within my bones,
Your face entwined within my flesh,
I clipped my wings within your beauty,
Sweet memories resides within my soul.

Oh , my beloved…my beloved…

Poetry Form: Free Verse

The End

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