My Back Aches

Friends get close and can lead you astray. They may take those you love and some others away. You can fight back or wait and pray. I'll do this with love, that's just my way.

My body aches.
You step closer and I slip away.
Quietly I hide.
I hold back my shouts and imprison my mind.
I know my mind can never satisfy.
Actually nothing can satisfy
The insatiable craving for you to testify.

Your arm reaches out
With grace and elegance, but not far out
From where you stand
Is the whip that you grip tight in your hand.
It drives people out to your “enchanted” land.

The luring pose
Gains trust with a blink and rose.
“Friends” turn against
Friends who are held in suspense
With identical blood stains and hence,

My back aches.
The gouges forged there sting when I wake.
I was in arm’s length.
Had my weapon of choice and I restrained my strength
To do what I wanted to do... I fell into my rank.

All of us
Don’t know who we can trust.
He simply watches
The blood bath and notches
In bones from thrusting of clubs. He watches.

A few whips.
His eyes pass over sights, tongue licks the lips
Heads whip around
Hate in the eyes looking for sound:
The proof that must be found.

I sit in the corner.
Aching, bleeding, crying, I wonder “what’s my disorder?”
My countenance is cold.
Blank stares form the glares I can’t feel in my soul.
Shadows of the reaper begin to unfold.

But I resist.
Timeless journeys it takes to battle a cyst.
Whatever it takes.
Those beaten down will find his mistakes.
We’ll rise as believers and overcome our aches.
We’ll always have scars and, at least, restored faith.

The End

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