A Learning Experience, part 2

As time went by, we had to deal with the things all parents had to deal with I suppose and more. By the time Jeremy was 2 years old, he hadn't shown any signs of growing or changing size. This wasn't entirely surprising, metal doesn't just grow, but then again, people don't just give birth to cars either.

We were one of the few families with both a family doctor and a family mechanic. We took Jeremy for a check up, to see if the mechanic could tell whether he was growing at all and if not, just to make sure he was in good shape. This turned out to be quite difficult.

Jeremy, it seemed, was a sealed unit. Much like a human being, his internals didn't seem to be designed to be easily accessible without surgery. The mechanic did what he could though and everything seemed fine. Sarah and I are only worried about what will happen if he gets sick or has an accident.

Luckily though, he never seemed to get sick. I don't suppose cars can catch colds. We had a close encounter once when he nearly drove off of the table, but luckily after catching him, telling him off and comforting him, he learned to look before he leaped.

As time went by, we needed to go back to work and so the issues of nursery schools or baby sitters came up. That was the beginning of a whole new adventure.

The End

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