Interview, part 2

"Well, I.. we, we don't know. We've no idea how it happened. I mean, things like this just don't happen do they, it's impossible. What can you say to that, when the impossible is staring up at you, crying out for it's next bottle of petrol? You just have accept it."

"I've never been very religious," Sarah continued, "but he's a genuine miracle. Whether it's God or some other higher power, I don't know. Whatever it was that made this happen, it sure has a sense of humour. Not that it funny, I mean, well..."

I rescued her from her faltering. "Every time a child is born, it's a little miracle right there, right? Our miracle is just a little... different."

Jim nodded and motioned for Phillip to take a couple of pictures.

"So, have you had any contact with VW? What's their take on this?"

"Well, at first they were pretty silent, but recently we've received some letters regarding legal action. Obviously, we can't go into it for legal reasons but it's not pleasant. Hopefully the medical examination results will shut them up. To be honest, we never expected them to react like that, I mean, can you think of a better way to get everyone talking about VW?"

"Funny, that's exactly what some people have been saying, that this is some kind of PR-stunt. What do you have to say to those people?"

"It's completely ridiculous and not only that, insulting. Child-birth is such a sacred process, how could fake something like this and live with themselves? For any PR-company, it would be suicide I'm sure. I don't know about anyone else but I'd be livid if I found out someone and mocked something so special for advertising. So to all those doubters out there, no, this isn't some kind of stunt. The last thing we were expecting when we went into that hospital was to come out with a baby car and now we have, we just want to be left alone so we can get on with our lives and with raising our son."

"What are your plans for the future? Do you plan on taking the baby to school when he's older? Are you going to clothe him, keep him in the garage? You must have a lot of things to think about."

We sure did. Sarah and I had been wracking our brains out about what we were going to do. The baby couldn't speak, at least, not yet. Could it learn in the future? We didn't know and we weren't about to subject him to a battery of tests in some lab to find out. School was another thing. He was tiny, would he ever get any bigger? Other kids might pick on him or be afraid of him and he'd never be able to feed himself. Plus, running a car in a school room, sure he was small, but he still emitted exhaust fumes. We always made sure the windows were open nowadays. Could we keep him in the house? I wanted to, but what if he wanted to, I don't know, be in his natural habitat? Maybe he'd like it better in the garage. There were so many questions to think about and we didn't even come close to having all the answers.

"I think we'll just have to take one step at a time." Sarah said, mirroring my own thoughts. "We're going to be learning a lot over the next few months, it's too early to make any plans yet, and too strange. No-one's ever had to do this before."

"Okay. Let's wrap this up with one last question. If you could change all this, have had a quote unquote 'normal' baby, would you?"

We were both unanimous in our answer. "No, never, not for anything in the world."

Jim and Phillip hung around a bit longer to take some more photographs and we showed them around the house, had a cup of tea, talked a bit more about everything - off the record - and then he assured us he'd send us a copy of the story before it went to print. We thanked them, saw them out and then when they were gone we both sunk into the couch and cried and laughed and hugged each other. It was all a little emotional.

The End

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