Things like this don't happen

Once we were out of the ward I spun on my heels and grabbed the doctor by the overcoat.

"What the hell is going on Doc, is this some kind of sick joke you play on people for kicks? Where the hell is my baby!?"

"I-I-I... I don't know, I've never seen anything like it before, it's impossible, something like that can't happen. I can only surmise that your wife had it implanted..."

"WHAT!? HOW DARE YOU! First you pull this then you accuse my wife of carrying an implanted car for nine sodding months! WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?"

"I'm s-sorry sir, but there isn't any other possibility, this can't happen, it's medically, scientifically impossible for this to happen naturally. To do so it would have to be some kind of miracle!"

I wanted to smack that doctor right in the mouth but I needed to be there for Sarah and that wouldn't be possible if I was in a police cell. Fists clenched at my sides, I took a couple of deep breathes and began to calm down.

"Okay, fine. So where do we go from here?"

"Well, this is unheard of, if the... item... was implanted, especially for nine months, then all sorts of internal injury could have occurred. I'd like to keep your wife in so we can run some tests, find out the extent of the damage, determine when it happened. We should probably keep the... it, in as well, for cross-examination purposes."

"Okay, fine, I just want this to be over. First though, I want to talk about it with my wife. Excuse me."

I walked back into the room with my wife to find her still cradling the little car. It seemed to be revving gently and the back of the towel was stained black from exhaust fumes. Looking at them together, I couldn't imagine how they couldn't be mother and child, surely no-one could act something like this so convincingly and who would risk themselves like that. Besides, the car definitely seemed to be alive somehow. Unless it was being remote controlled somehow, which seemed unlikely, nothing else could explain it's behaviour.

"Honey, the doctors want to keep you and the... baby... in for some tests. As you might imagine, they are a little shocked by whats happened."

"Will you stay with me? I don't want us to be apart, not now the babies here. He needs his father as much as he needs me."

"I'll try. Sarah, honey, I know you're feeling pretty emotional right now, but is there something you're not telling me? About the baby?"

Sarah frowned at me then and tears formed in her eyes.

"It's because he's different isn't it Harold? He's your son! No, there's nothing to say other than I love him and if you only give him a chance you'll feel the same way!"

"Okay, okay, I'm sorry. It's just so... strange, it's not what I expected at all, I mean the doctors, they say things like this don't happen. Ever."

"Then he's our own little miracle. I've changed my mind, I don't want any tests, I want to go home Harold, me and and baby. I want to go home."

And so after much arguing with the doctors, we went home.

The End

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