This is how it endsMature

Did you love me at all?

You just let me fall

Is this even real?


Through all of this pain

What is to gain?


I just wanted your touch


I can’t believe it’s done

I can’t say it wasn’t fun

But was it really worth it?

Feeling down in this pit


You were worth it

Even if it was only for a bit

You taught me love


Two months ago

Myself I could not show

Through you I lived


I never wanted it to end

Every day I would send

But never a reply

Oh how I wished to die


All the things I did for you

Kicked me off like a shoe

I thought we were better

You warmed me like a sweater


Every day I waited for a sign

I watched your love decline

Nothing I could do


We had plans remember?

Now a burning ember

I won’t forget you


We’ll be okay

I don’t know what to say

You were so sweet

But we never got to meet


I felt you in my chest

I felt so blessed

A burning fire of love

But you just flew away like a dove

The End

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