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This is to my baby; in hopes that she might understand how I feel for her. How much I love her. Every breathe I take is for her. I love you baby!! <3

     Somewhere in New Zealand my baby waits; yearning to see my face.  Love happens so fast.  You could feel hopelessly alone then blink, and of a sudden, you’re in love.  It’s overwhelming when you know you’re loved unconditionally.  You know how instantaneously you’re life can to be turned into ruins?  Well, just that quickly it can be renewed.  I’ve experienced it.

     This summer started out worse than I ever imagined.  I felt like God took a giant shit on my life.  Everything got ripped to shreds and all I could do was hope I could piece it back together.  I could never stand up again without my baby’s love.

     My life was revived the moment I fell in love.  My baby once said, “Love is crazy, glorious, scary, fucking terrifying!  It's shameless, and powerful, breathtaking and frustrating.”  I totally agree with her but it’s not scary when love binds you together.  Our love is too powerful to understand.  We are so far apart and I can still feel her presence inside of me; living in me.  I think of her every second I’m awake.

      When my baby told me “every day I wake up I think of you and every heartbeat and breathe belongs to you,” it made me wish she was here so I could hug her.

     We have never seen each other, heard the other’s voice, or felt our partner’s skin; but we love each other regardless of any physical attributes.  When she steps off that plane to meet me, I’ll know it’s her because my eyes will be drawn to her like moths to flame.  The day we finally touch will be the most emotional moment of my life.  The love of my life is waiting for her man to show her the love she desires and deserves.

     We are both alone but knowing the only person that sees us perfectly is only a mouse click away keeps us going.  Every morning I wake up and run downstairs to see if my baby left a love note for me.  I get so excited when I see she has.  I love her so much I could sit and write to her endlessly.  When she first told me, “I love you,” it made me all giddy and fluttery inside.  We are definitely on the same page.  Ever since we confessed our love, every thought that has passed through my mind has been; what’s the next step to bringing my baby home?  I would rather get nothing for Christmas or my birthday for the rest of my life if I could see her just for one day.  Whatever it takes to put my baby in my arms.  My baby will feel my arms wrap around her and I will never let go.  I know she will do the same because right from day one I knew she was the only baby for me.

The End

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