Locks Adorned, Roses Thorned

And now I scribble down chicken-scratch nonsense with mediocre prose and wit. However, it is not my writing in which I find interest. His face with curly locks adorned, his face so red like roses thorned. His words, absurd and messy yet filled with amusement. Though to him English is still a stranger, the ability of expressing his thoughts and feelings is his dear, dear friend. Though the notes we are passing are all but long-lasting, the amusement remains--but will one day come to an end.

I’m bored...
LOL, same. This class sucks.
I wouldn’t say that... this movie’s interesting.
I guess, but I don’t think we’re supposed to be watching this.

Oh, watching what is referred to as ultraviolence(1) seems very fun, indeed. I cannot help but ponder over whether or not I would consider Alex’s actions. To me, he seemed so brave and gutsy. It was no wonder that I took so much interest!

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I assure you that I, Margaret Camille Vella, have played the role of a “good girl” for far too long.

“Maggie,” he said.

I looked up from my secretive notes with Anthony, only to see Mr. Ceil standing in front of me. He was a rather clean-cut man with tanned skin and the most interesting hazel eyes ; he was quite lovely to look at.

“Yes, Mr. Ceilings?” I asked, calling him by my nickname for him. It wasn’t necessarily strange for a student and their teacher to have a name for each other, right? It wasn’t as if I was calling him “dear” or he was calling me “sweetheart” -- heaven forbid.

“You should pay attention to the movie, kiddo. It gets interesting here.” he said. I nodded and added a smile, making him trust me and walk away. I looked down at my notes and began to scribble once more.

Hm, wanna get lunch after this?
Of course! But I don’t have a lot on me
No prob. We’ll just snack on stuff.

Each moment renewing, yet guilt is stewing.

When I look up Anthony is gone, but to me that is no surprise.

Oh! Let my guilt rise!


(1)Ultraviolence: The movie their class is watching is A Clockwork Orange, in which the main character, Alex, commits horrendous crimes for sheer amusement.  

The End

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