My Apologies, Mr. Ceilings

Margaret has everything she could have wanted: a best friend, a boyfriend, and a love of writing. With the help of her favorite teacher, she gets accepted into the best writing school.

The keys clatter after being pushed in order, c-l-i-c-k, clicking together. As far as I’m concerned, there is no need to worry about how the order goes, but to everyone else, it matters. There’s no real reason for type, type, typing throughout the day, other than to communicate. And that’s what I’m doing.

[20:33] OliveBranch: Hey Maggie!
What’s up?
[20:33] ReVelRebel: Hmm... nothin’ much
How’re you?
[20:34] OliveBranch: God, work is killing me
There was this lady
And she kept on changing her order! OTL
[20:35] ReVelRebel: HAHAHA!
You can’t say we haven’t done that before XD

[20:35] OliveBranch: True, true
But still... now I know to never do that again!
[20:36] ReVelRebel: How’s school going?
[20:36] OliveBranch: It’s meh...
I haven’t been studying for finals >__>
[20:37] ReVelRevel: Girl, you better get yo’ stuff together!

This is a typical conversation. Boring. It never goes into depth, never diving into details until...

ThornySores has entered the chat
[20:38] OliveBranch: Look at what the cat dragged in :P
[20:38] ReVelRebel: XDD
[20:39] ThornySores: Haha, very funny, Livy

Anyways, I need help with something
[20:40] ReVelRebel: Hm?
What is it?
[20:41] ThornySores: So like...
This guy who’s arrogant as hell
Won’t help me with our stupid final project
We’re suppose to record ourselves and interview each other as if we’re from the WW2 era
How the hell am I going to do that by myself?
And he keeps calling me stupid and stuff
[20:42] OliveBranch: I would deck him, to be honest
[20:42] ReVelRebel: Dude, you should totally tell the teacher or something
[20:43] ThornySores: @Livy: I would, but idk...
@Mags: What am I, 5 years old?

This goes on and on and on for a few hours, and then, there is no response. They log out before I do, leaving me in the chatroom with my thoughts, and my thoughts only.

The End

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