My anger with a (fried) potato

Thoughts about oneself.

I love the fries. Whenever I can and I my health leaves me to do it, like potatoes and fried eggs.

The other day I was frying potatoes and enjoyed imagining how they would taste, and in an oversight, one of them, I do not know how, jumped on my right hand and it burned me.

What a daughter of satan! I screamed. I looked at it with hate and after a moment I realized what was happening. I had been angry with a potato, with something which had no intention, and I thought: Paco, everything you experience is you. Your anger is you ... Is there really something outside of you? Neither the potato knows anything about nothing nor my reaction goes beyond myself, IT IS ALWAYS A DIALOGUE WITH MYSELF. And then I thought: In addition to the case of the potato, does not the same happen when I interact with someone? When someone speaks to me ... are not my prejudices, my ideas, my traditions, my convictions that do not let me listen .... IT IS ALWAYS A DIALOGUE WITH MYSELF ....and after that I ask there anything or anyone outside?

The End

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