My Ancestor's A Pirate.

A girl goes in search for her ancestor after hearing so many stories about him and his adventures. Only to find he's still alive and captain of his ship.

Brown eyes scanned the surroundings around them. The surroundings were so familiar, even though the eyes had not been there before. The set of brown eyes belonged to that of a girl. This girl had quite the history in family. Little did she know that yet though.

As her brown eyes scanned her surroundings, the wind whipped under her hair. Her hair was also brown but seemingly shimmered red in the sun light. Although it wasn’t much, she was surrounded by palm trees and it seemed like there was no other living person around. The curious girl began to wander around. Looking for clues as to why this place seemed so familiar to her. As she stood on the shore of this place she was at, she noticed the waves of the sea begin to create more of a rumble. Her brow creased creating a frown as she wondered what was going on. As a ship appeared out of the water, her heart almost jumped out of her rib-cage. "How was that even possible?" She whispered to herself in confinement. Surely she was disorientated, delusional. No ship could possibly do that, could they? Being the curious type she was, her mind told her to go and investigate the vessel to see what it truly was.

Her feet slowly traipsed through the sand filled shore as she made her way toward the sea. She knew the only way to find out was to go aboard the vessel and investigate it that way. She looked out over to the ship with her brown eyes to see if the captain of the ship was looking toward the shore. When she saw that he was looking in a different direction than that toward her, she quickly ran out in to the ocean and began to swim toward the vessel. She kept herself below the water’s surface so that no one would spot her. It took a few minutes but she was finally at the vessel. Coming up over the water’s surface, she took a deep inhale with her mouth before slamming herself toward the wood of the ship. She could not afford to be seen just yet. Her arm reached out beside her as he palm ran over a ladder. A smile set upon her crimson lips as she grabbed ahold of the ladder and pulled herself on to it. Her mind told her to climb up quickly so she did so. Once in line with the deck, She kept her eyes just above as she watched and waited patiently for no one to be facing the way she was about to come up on to the deck. Her moment came and she took it, clambering up on to the wooden surface of the main deck. She stood herself up and was about to turn and walk toward the brig when she turned right in to one of the crew. A gasp escaped her lips in an urgent like flurry. Her eyes looked up to see the crew member’s face as he looked down upon her. "I...I..." She couldn’t speak. She was petrified. "Captain!" the crew member shouted out. Her eyes widened even more. She didn’t think it possible for her eyes to go as wide as they did, but they did so. " Don’t get the Captain involved... j...just don’t hurt me..." She cried out in a murmur. 

Soon enough, she could hear the Captain’s feet along the main deck of the ship. Another gasp escaped the grips of her crimson lips as she looked with her eyes for whoever would be the terrifying Captain. Her head lowered as she was scared of what he would be like. When she saw his boots, a frown appeared on her brow as her head tilted. The boots being worn were too nicely done for a terrifying man. She slowly lifted her head to see that of what seemed like a gentleman to be the Captain of the ship. As her eyes looked over the Captain, She noticed something rather vaguely familiar about him, even though she had not met him before. She took in his shoulder length black hair, his husky dark brown eyes and the scar along his chest; all seemingly familiar. Her brow creased once more before something in her mind told her who it was. She was rather taken by the fact that a name was whispered among her conscience. 

The End

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