My Alien Slave

I don't want to give this a summary because I want to see how people interpret it on it's own.

It started on a rather unusual day. I suppose it itself made it unusual but even before it started the day was already strange.

The first ususual occurence was at school when my alien slave seemed very jittery and nervous. I was sitting in class and all the other kid's aliens were standing next to them looking foreward as they should be. Mine however was slouched and wringing his hands. Noticing the stares I was getting because of this I whispered to my alien.

"Bloid, what are you doing? You're embarassing me" I said sternly.

"Apologies master," He said his voice shaking slightly. "I will attempt to do better" For the rest of the day he acted normally but it was obvious he was still nervous.

The next strange thing happened during lunch. While I sat with my friends talking loudly and energetically when suddenly a girl from my class, Amelia, screamed as her alien jumped onto a table.

"Osta nek! Renn talli tak!" He shouted then smashed through the cafeteria window and ran out into the street. We rushed to the window watched as he was shot in the head by the school guards and dragged away.

We turned back to the cafeteria. Most people surrounded the girl comforting her for loosing her alien. Me and my friends sat back down at our table.

"You know, that's the third time that's happened today." said my friend, Jarred.

"That's pathetic," Another friend, Andrew, scoffed. "Why can't they just act normally."

I turned to my alien. "You'd better not snap and go nuts like that" I said lightheartedly.

"You shouldn't even have to tell them," Andrew said. "They just know to behave. It's in their genes. That's why we kill them if they do something wrong. It's like weeding out bad crop."

Just before the bell rang I heard Amelia say, "It's alright, I can always get a new one."

The final strange thing happened after school had ended. I was beginning my trek home when my alien bolted off in the opposite direction.

"Bloid! Get back here!" I ran after him but he disappeared behind some houses. "Bloid!" I called, "Bloid come back, I can't afford a new alien!"

I kept wandering around, every once in a while getting a glimpse of him and running after him. Eventually I found myself in a very broken down area. I recognised it as the alien slums, the place where aliens who have no masters are kept. This could be a dangerous place to be in because with no masters the aliens could be quite unpredictable.

Finally I spotted Bloid in the middle of the street just staring at one of the houses.

"Bloid, what-" I began but was interrupted by a sharp pain in the back of my head and I blacked out.

The End

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