A short recollection of how an ex-freelance assassin managed to be charmed to become the butler of an eccentric teenage underground emperor. It might have been the blood loss.

Lemonade, he huffs as he stirs two teaspoons of sugar into the tall frosting glass. Who would think that an underground genius would be addicted to lemonade? 

Yorick shakes his head and lifts the spoon from the glass, placing it into the dishwasher. He picks up the glass and carefully transfers it to a silver ornate tray, wiping the ring of condensation the glass left on the kitchen counter with a tea towel. He unties his apron and gently hangs it back up on its hook before relocating down the gray halls.

Yorick winds through the maze of halls, bypassing the floor's various voice readers and iris scans that block off certain parts of the Boss's building. Suited subordinates occasionally pass by, nodding at the lemonade and Yorick know that if it weren't for their respect and loyalty to the Boss, they'd surely have a couple comments to say. 

And with the Boss's personality, Yorick muses, the Boss would probably have a good laugh and not mind at all. Yorick stops his trek in front of a door, ordinary like every other door he had passes, except for the animated rabbit engraved into the steel over the door knob.

Yorick gives a sharp knock on the door and waits for a yelp beckoning him in. Yorick opens the door and is welcomed by laughter and the smoke of cigars. He shuts the door quietly behind him and smoothly strides over to the Boss, servicing the glass of lemonade with a composed facade in front of the guest.

Boss instantly reaches for the glass from the balanced tray without a pause in his current argument, He animatedly barters, a childish challenge in his laughter. The guest, comforted by the cigar and tumbler of vodka in his hands, has loosened up and sunken into the armchair, obviously charmed by the Boss's childlike manner.

He underestimates the Boss, Yorick notes as the guest chuckles, and Yorick smirks inwardly when the guest accidentally agrees to sell half his illegal corporate.

The End

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