You stare into the computer screen, the only running piece of equipment in a torn up lab. The ghostly image of some scientist flickers as his voice comes over the speakers.

 "crackle......MUTOGEN has closed its operating system to all attepts at override. Her AI is running non-procedural directives.....crackle.....destroy her, fast......crackle....armed......crackle.....making her own species of biological AI. Expect high risk, and extremly hostile resistance. We are overrun....crackle...Destroy MUTOGEN....fuzz" END TRANSMISSION.

  Mutology, it's what gave humanity so much power. We became gods, and everything became possible. Mutology was the evolution of genetic engineering and genetic mapping and computer science. At mutolgy's core is MUTOGEN, an AI thats sole directive is to monitor the DNA of any living being and change it to bring advantages to different strains of life. It changed us. We bacame immune to all desease, we could flourish in previosly unihabitable environments, humans could even survive nuclear fallout, we even gave photosynthesis to humanity. It was our greatest achievement.

 Mutogen is also the name of the nano-peptide that allows the DNA to change. a robotic liquid that MUTOGEN uses as a catalyst to effect the desired changes within the genetic makeup. It was this substance that ruined everything. Somone made it outside the labs with a tonne of mutogen, probably for profit or ransom, it doesnt matter because it leaked and soaked enough biological material to allow MUTOGEN to gain control outside the labs. This was two days ago. Since then all communication with MUTOGEN has shut down and all Mutology labs are out of contact.

  And now your here, standing in one. Your teams objectives are clear. Find out what happened and report back and await further command. Briggs, your tech operative has already sent  the security message to Command.  Your squad is on standby awaiting orders.

 This place is a mess, what look like claw marks and teeth marks are on everything. What remains of the few bodies your team could find looked like they had been torn apart. Theres blood, long chains of it on the walls and ceiling. Whatever did this, liked doing it.

Your squads here though.  Five of the nastiest bastards god forgot to destroy and they are all loaded for bare. You look at them, as they look about the lab. Briggs, the tech geek turned crazy, Yoshi and Frosty, two engineers you picked up in Canada of all places who's ability to destroy stuff is only outmatched by there ability to get out of thier own mess alive. Johann, the crazy dutch munitions specialist, who has a big nose and unsurpassed ability to make weapons out of nothing and fix shit. Rhianna is standing off by herself near a pool of blood. She's cold. You took her on your squad because she cant be killed. She escaped from death row, killed everyone in the execution room 2 minutes before she was going to be electrocuted. She's insane but she saved your life and she likes you. And she'll kill you if you try to leave. Everyone else calls her Lieutenant. If anyone can get through this its your team.

 The radio squaks in.

 "This is Rook calling Asp squadron. over."

 "this is Sergeant. Cole of asp squadron, on standbye to recieve orders. over."

"Sergeant, you are located on the top floor of secondary lab responsible for the production of mutogen. Your orders are to destroy the mutogen supply and retrieve the  data drives MUTOGEN uses to change DNA. You must succeed at both objectives. Rook out."

 Briggs jumps up. "Sergeant we have a problem. The elevators are offline. We'll have to use the stairs and go down......"

 Your inturrupted by the parameter lines you set around the entrences to the lab.



 This is what your here for. You give the order....

The End

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