Dark desiresMature

The headache squeezed her head in its iron grip just as she was finishing the last sentence of her report. 

Suzanne stopped typing and rubbed her temples. All the coffee and sugar made her migraines worse. But her boss wasn't a patient man and they helped her stay on top of things in the busy office. You also needed them if you had a baby who kept you up at night. 

She was about to get up when her boss stepped into the office and glared at her. He was a small, skinny man with a kind of harmless face, but that made him even more scary to her. His bite was always worse than his bite. 

He started tapping his right foot as he always did when he was getting excited. "Suze, the report. When will I be getting it? The meeting is in 15 minutes."

"Two minutes, Darren. Almost done."

He turned around and marched back into his office, slamming the door behind him. She sighed in relief. It wasn't always this easy to get rid of him. And he had a tendency to publicly embarrass you in meetings full of important people. 

She turned to the report and pain stabbed through her head again. She got up and walked to the kitchen. Darren would just have to wait. She needed water and headache tablets before she could continue his stupid report. 

She swallowed the pills and shuddered as they stuck in her throat. Too little water. She considered having more coffee and held her cup under the hot water machine. It would make her headache worse, but she didn't see how  she would otherwise survive the day. 

Other people came into the kitchen, but they seemed somehow distant. Suzanne tried to speak to the receptionist, but the fat, gloomy girl just ignored her. Oh well, maybe she was just in a mood again. 

It was when she stepped out of the kitchen to go back to her desk when she really noticed that something was off. People were walking around as usual in the office building, but she could see dark shapes between them. Dark people-shaped shapes. 

Suzanne blinked. Was the headache making her dilly? She had seen light flashes before, but nothing like this. 

She closed her eyes and opened them again. The shapes were still there. She put her head down and stormed to her office. 

Darren was next to her desk, now twirling in circles, as he did when he got really stressed. He threw his hands in the air when he saw her. 

"The report! For crap sake, Suze. My meeting is like now and you go and have coffee."

A dark shape was dancing in circles  next to Darren. As Suzanne watched, a dark hand reached out and grabbed Darren by the throat. It squeezed until his faced turned maroon and his eyes bulged. 

Suzanne fainted when Darren's eyes burst. 

The End

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