The first morningMature

A woman finds what she believes to be muti, or traditional medicine, in the bathroom of a train station. This discovery changes her life forever.

The little bag next to the toilet immediately caught her eye when Suzanne stepped into the bathroom stall at Fish Hoek station.

She was actually late for work, but as usual, her bad bladder forced her to use the bathroom before taking the train to work.

Suzanne shuddered and poked the dark object in the bag with the point of her boot. It made a squishy sound and for a moment she thought she was going to vomit. Her breakfast of egg and toast climbed dangerously high in her throat.

She stepped out of the stall, desperately hoping that she would be able to use another toilet, but everything else was full. Suzanne cursed and stepped back into the stall. She couldn't hold it any longer. She sat down after wiping the toilet seat and was overwhelmed with relief.

Finished, she wanted to get away from the toilet and the disgusting object as quickly as possible. She would inform the guards at the station that it needed to be removed.

What if it was the organ of some person who had been murdered? She had read about muti killings.

But for some reason she just couldn't leave the thing. Something compelled her to stare at it. A dark thought took hold of her mind. She tried to push it away, but the idea wouldn't leave her alone.

Suzanne bent down and picked up the object. She squished it between her fingers and some of the juice was released from the plastic bag and ran freely over her hand.

Cursing, Suzanne carefully wrapped the object in a wad of toilet paper and stuffed it into her handbag. Then she heard the train stopping at the opposite platform and she stormed from the bathroom, running hard to catch it before it left her behind.

The strange object that nestled in her handbag slipped from her mind.

The End

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